Why Enable Parental Controls on Your Netgear Router?

Today’s generation is tech-savvy. Even kids have access to the internet. Moreover, parents have allowed kids to have mobile phones for their safety. Apart from that, having internet accessibility is necessary to learn new things on daily basis. However, with that, parents are worried also.

 So, if you think that access to the internet might be bad for kids, check how to make it safer. You can simply activate Parental Control features on your Netgear router.  So, this article is all about different reasons why you should enable Parental Control features on your Netgear router.

Reasons to Enable Parental Control

Monitor Kids’ Devices

Do you want to know about your kids’ safety and social circle? If yes, enabling the Parental Controls feature can help you out. With it, you can easily monitor kids’ devices, and check their emails, social media websites, and various other mobile functions.

In short, these are going to help your kids when they get stuck in problematic situations. You will be notified when certain phrases or words are used by your kids. Thus, you can act accordingly to intervene in the situation. 

Track Location

Don’t you want to know your kids’ or any other member’s location? Yes? Great! All you need to do is activate the Parental Controls feature of your Netgear router by accessing routerlogin.net. Not just that, it could even help you with tracking their online location.

With that, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety. Moreover, it teaches them some important lessons. One of them is about avoiding tagging their location on the web. It could lead to a compromising situation for kids. 

Limits Screen Time

Can’t make your kids drop screen watch time? Do you think they are more active on the web? Well, now you can simply turn off the screen after some time. That’s right! With the active Parental Controls feature, you can decide the time for which the internet would be active. 

It enables you to decrease the time spent by young kids being glued to the screens. Moreover, excessive screen time could be harmful to their health. Not just that, it further hampers the body’s sleep cycles. Therefore, you must enable this feature on your Netgear router.

Back-Up Data

Apart from passing time, children even use the internet for school assignments and projects. However, in many cases, a sudden power fluctuation or loss of the internet could lead to a loss of data. To ensure that does not happen, you can activate the Parental Controls feature of your Netgear router.

It further teaches children to save data. Hence, you can rest assured about having no data loss. By enabling this feature, your Netgear router is going to back up the data at time intervals set by you. Thus, it will come in handy to save your child’s precious memories without losing them. 

Cyber Etiquettes

Proper decision-making is one of the basic skills crucial for a perfect life. However, when kids are exposed to the digital world, they may pick the wrong habits. Since you cannot always be present to look over the situation at hand, the Parental Controls feature will do the job for you.

Activation of this feature helps your kids to learn cyber etiquette. By restricting your kids’ free movement, you can make them understand about consequences of accessing the blocked websites. Thus, it teaches children to distinguish between right and wrong content. In short, they become self-sufficient in making the right decisions. 

Blocks Adult Content

One of the biggest concerns of parents these days is child’s access to adult content. Moreover, explicit content is available freely on the web. So, parents are always worried about kids falling victim to wrong habits. However, it will come to end with Parental Control features.

You can disable access to different websites that are home to pornographic or explicit content. Not just that, you even get to know about it when your kids try to access them. That is going to offer a moment to teach your kids about birds and bees.


So many features are there to assist you when you activate Parental Controls. However, you need to first do the router login. In case you can’t access the official website, you can always use the IP address. With that, you can rest assured about kids’ access to the internet and have the best internet experience.