How to do TP Link Repeater Login via Web Interface?

How to do TP Link Repeater Login via Web Interface?

Internet dead zones inside your home can ruin your overall experience. You can’t move freely within your house. Rather, you have to be always conscious of where you can sit to access the internet. However, you can improve the situation by installing a TP Link repeater.

Configuring a TP Link extender in your house is going to boost your home WiFi network. However, to complete the setup, you first need to do the TP Link repeater login. So, to know how to do the login, you should read the following points. Keep going.

Easiest Steps for TP Link Repeater Login

Start Repeater

Get the repeater out of the box along with Ethernet cable and repeater antennas. Further, plug the TP Link repeater into a wall socket. After that, you should press the power button on your extender. Make sure the power outlet that you choose is in perfect condition.

You should also attach antennas to the TP Link extender. After this, you can rest assured to have a perfectly stable and efficiently working WiFi extender.

Connect to Router

After starting the TP Link repeater, you need to connect it to the host router. For that, an Ethernet cable might come in handy. Connect the end of the cable to the router and the other end to the extender. Make sure the cable is tightly fit into the device ports.

In case you want a wireless connection, you should know about the router’s range. Without having an idea about its range, the extender placement could be wrong. So, choose a location closer to the router to do the login.

Choose Location

Along with minding the router’s position, you also have to choose an ideal location for the extender. Otherwise, it won’t radiate WiFi signals with utmost performance. Hence, you need to be mindful of things like reflexive surfaces, metal objects, heavy electrical appliances, etc.

Further, make sure there are no windows where you place the TP Link repeater. Also, you need to avoid corners and wall cabinets to place your extender.

Turn on PC

After the initial TP Link repeater setup, you need to turn on your computer. Plug the PC into a power source and press the power button. You need to ensure that the PC receives a consistent power supply. So, check the power supply cable used to connect the PC to the wall outlet.

A laptop can also come in handy if a computer is not at your disposal. However, you must ensure that the system you choose should be updated to the latest version.

Launch a Web Browser

The next step involves launching a web browser. Thus, you need to choose an updated web browser. Moreover, it should work efficiently with the operating system of your computer or laptop. So, you can choose a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.

In case you already have an updated web browser, you need to tweak a few things. First, you should clean the browsing history. Also, you need to clean its cookies and cache files.

Enter Default Web Address

After having access to a properly working web browser, you need to enter the default TP Link repeater web address. However, make sure you don’t commit any mistakes while doing that. Rather, be extremely careful not to commit even a single mistake.

Click on the address bar of the web browser and enter You should never enter the search bar of a web browser to enter the URL. Tap the Enter key after entering the web address.

Do Repeater Login

You are redirected to the TP Link repeater login page. You need to enter your login details once the page loads. So, refer to the extender user manual to know about your login credentials. After that, you should click the Log In button.

While entering the login details, you should not commit silly mistakes. After clicking the Log In button, you are redirected to a repeater setup page.


Using a web browser is not the only option to do TP Link repeater login. You can also use the TP Link app to log into your repeater. Moreover, you can also use the official app to complete the repeater setup. In case you don’t have an app, you can always follow the steps given above.

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