All you need to know about – Sahaja Yoga & Hatha Yoga

All you need to know about – Sahaja Yoga & Hatha Yoga

Sahaja Yoga – meditation that everyone can do

Although you practice yoga quite regularly, you have not yet come to taste meditation, which is undoubtedly related to it. I guess it’s because I don’t live a very hectic way of life and a walk is usually enough for me to rest. But lately, I’ve been in charge of arranging and going around the offices.

Basically didn’t stop for a whole week, and then when I wanted to write something, I couldn’t concentrate at all. The crown was put on by an annoying cold associated with constant power outages in the village where I now live.

Meditation as a solution

So when I sat in the dark in a room full of papers and rubbed my nose abraded by cold with Vaseline, I ran out of patience. The very next day, I started looking for an excellent meditation course. After a while, I was fascinated by Sahaja yoga. It promises tangible results right after the first lesson.

As you know, yoga does not have much in common because it is just sitting. The word yoga in the name means connection, and the full name can be translated as – innate connection or use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to best love life.

Unfortunately, meditation is not as popular as most yoga types, so it took me a while to find an excellent course. This blog about Sahaja Yoga helped me a lot. If you’re involved in something, be sure to check it out because I found the answer to all my questions there.

In the end, I worked my way up to some lovely places where you can try Sahaja yoga under the guidance of an experienced teacher. Of course, it is possible to perform meditation at home. However, I would not dare try it just like that, without first attending a classic lesson.

Hatha Yoga: What is it?

This weekend, while looking at old photos, I remembered one of my friends from Ostrava. I met her at school, but we don’t see each other when I’m gone. Paul has always been a great athlete. It was as strenuous for her to travel 50 kilometers by bike as two hours of shopping for me. In addition to the bicycle, she also practiced yoga not to have shortened tendons from one-sided exertion.

I decided to remember the old days and write her about how she was. We exchanged new information about our lives for a while. When I started talking about my recently born yoga passion, she couldn’t hide her amusement. After all, she recognized me when I was eating cold pizza and trying to eliminate all movement on the way to school and sometimes for food. So if pizza didn’t come, follow me to the door.

She has been practicing yoga herself once a week for three years. I told her my beginnings, and she recommended a few things in return. She has been attending one studio in Ostrava for a long time, where she likes it. This year she chose Hatha yoga classes. She used to prefer power yoga, but she is said to have her teeth full of greeting the sun. I definitely can’t know about myself; first, my weak hands, and I have to learn knee-free chaturanga.

Where to go for Hatha Yoga in Ostrava

I don’t think I will commute to Ostrava for an hour every week due to the amazing yoga studio. But if you are directly from the city or its surroundings, take it as an exciting tip. The studio is called Pranav Yoga Center. Whenever I look for some exciting places where I practice yoga, I am amused by the price difference between Central Bohemia (where I come from) and Moravia. Especially Praguers must find the prices of yoga classes in Moravia very cheap. This is true even in larger cities such as Ostrava, Brno, or Olomouc.

Anyway, this course is said to be very friendly, so if you don’t know what to do with Friday evening, put a little in your body.

Don’t expect adrenaline from it.

What to expect from Hatha Yoga? I would call it a peaceful culture of body and mind. Hatha yoga is a combination of asana practice, yoga breathing, and relaxation. Each lesson is a little different because there is no fixed set. They usually practice for an hour to an hour and a half yoga health to get best libido use Fildena 120 or vigora 100.

It is about getting the body and mind into balance and learning to perceive yourself as a whole composed of these two elements. After a few lessons, you can look forward to a firmer and more flexible body, mental harmony, and improved concentration. Again, all you require is a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

I like it, I think the exercise will be a lot like the second half of the beginners’ course I went to. But it is also possible that I am wrong. I judge only according to Pavlin’s story. She also recommended that I drink more fluids a few hours before the yoga class so that the body could be better purified. I’ll try it on Thursday. But I hope I don’t whistle it and not concentrate on a full bladder instead of breathing.

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