Buying Vs Reading Manga Online: Which one is a better option?

Buying Vs Reading Manga Online: Which one is a better option?

If you are a manga lover and you have spent a lot of your free time reading your favourite manga series then surely at some point you might have wondered, between reading manga online or buying a physical copy, which one is better? You are not alone my friend.

Ever since manga became known and more and more people started reading it even outside Japan, this discussion has become quite hot. To be honest there is not any right or wrong answer for this. It is mainly a matter of your preference and convenience. Both have their good and bad points and that is what we will be discussing here.

Buying Physical Manga

Instead of visiting manga websites like Manga stream, manga world etc. Some manga geeks prefer visiting a comic book store and buying the actual editions of their manga series. Buying a physical copy of manga gives them a sense of authenticity that is not available on online websites.

Visiting a manga store gives them a chance to interact with other manga lovers in person and allows them to discuss various manga series and their plots. A physical manga copy stays with you for life if you take care of it well.

Some manga geeks prefer physical copies because they find it less straining to their eyes. Looking at a screen for a long time and specially for reading purposes can be tiresome and have bad effect on your eyesight as well. This fact has compelled most manga enthusiasts to pick physical manga over Digital ones.

Let’s discuss some benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a physical copy of manga.


  1. Physical manga is original work by the hand of manga artist
  2. You can read it anytime and anywhere
  3. You don’t have to worry about internet connection or other issues
  4. Manga stores give you a chance to make connections with other manga lovers
  5. Physical manga stores have more variety
  6. It gives you personal touch
  7. You can focus better while reading physical manga


  1. You can’t find every genre on physical manga places
  2. Physical manga copy can get damaged easily
  3. It costs more
  4. It takes up more of your space
  5. Buying manga from a store is more time consuming.

Reading Manga Online

A huge number of manga lovers prefer reading manga on websites mainly because it is less time-consuming and it also give them more choice and freedom. There are both paid and free websites available which you can use to read any manga you want.

You can either visit premium site like ComiXology, crunchyroll etc or you can choose to read your manga on free platforms like Manga stream, manga Panda etc. Most people pick free websites over paid ones because it is cheaper and easier.

Reading manga online has many advantages. There is more variety and new series are constantly being added on the sites to keep you updated. You don’t have to go outside and visit a store which saves so much of your time. Reading manga online also saves up your room space which if you choose to buy a physical manga can be a problem.

Below are some pros and cons of reading manga online


  1. It is less time consuming
  2. The genres available are in great number
  3. Free sites like Manga stream save you a bunch of money
  4. It doesn’t take much space
  5. You can read it on a PC as well as a smartphone
  6. It is easier to search for your favourite series on a website


  1. They are Digitally drawn which reduces their authenticity
  2. You don’t get personal touch
  3. You need internet connection for reading on a website
  4. It strains your eyes

Final Words

So, now you know what are the main perks and disadvantages of reading manga on a website or buying a physical copy. For more information visit Past News. People on both sides have strong arguments as to which form of manga reading is better and neither of them are entirely wrong.

Its up to you to choose whether a free website like manga world or Mangastream or to buy a physical copy. We hope this information has given you enough insight as to which from of manga is better for you. You can also experiment with both of these formats and see for yourself which one suits you better.

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