Your Guide to Successfully Pass ACCA Strategic Business Leader Exam

Your Guide to Successfully Pass ACCA Strategic Business Leader Exam

ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam is the most crucial part of the ACCA qualification. Unlike other ACCA exams, the SBL exam assesses the business leadership capabilities of the students. The SBL subject equips students with the business leadership skills required in a professional career.

The ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam is quite different from other ACCA strategic professional level exams. It has a different marks distribution, while the paper setting also assesses students with a different approach. The students need to portray their technical, professional, and strategic skills in the SBL paper.

ACCA SBL syllabus is an advanced form of ACCA p1 and ACCA p3; the course contents of these papers are revised and restructured to meet business leadership requirements. The SBL course content is not a mixture of p1 and p2 syllabus; instead, it’s a remastered version. However, it is recommended to revise the syllabus of these subjects from ACCA p1 technical articles.

The ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Exam Format

The ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam’s paper format is different from other ACCA exams. It is not CBE based like ACCA applied skills exams; students may not attempt SBL online. However, the exam time for this paper is 4 hours (40 minutes for reading course material included) which is again different from other ACCA exams. And the marks distribution is also changed from ACCA strategic professional level exams.

  • 80% of the marks depends on the technical approach.
  • 20% of marks depend on the professional approach.

The 80 % marks are awarded to students based on their knowledge and understanding. The rest of the 20% are awarded on their professional approach. The professional approach refers to the student’s capability to understand the situation and respond to it with required logical and progressive methods. It is a general technique to examine the students in strategic professional level exams.

How to pass the SBL exam?

It is important to study strategic professional level exams with an effective strategy; otherwise, you won’t pass. As the ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam is the most important part of ACCA qualification, it requires great effort to get passed. If you follow the below-mentioned study tips, you’re more likely to pass this exam on the first attempt.

  1. Increase Study Time: SBL is a lengthy subject; there are tons of concepts, methodologies, and research you need to digest before appearing in the exam. The 12-weeks preparation time is bare-minimum for SBL; you should consider revisions, mock test, and again revision before specifying 12-weeks for this massive exam.
  2. Cover p1 and p2 first: The whole ACCA Strategic Business Leader exam depends on p1 Ethics and p2 Professional Skills concepts. You should never take SBL as your first exam prior to p1 and p2 because all ACCA strategic professional level exams are interconnected. If you’ve already attempted p1 and p2, then you should go for SBL.
  3. Complete the syllabus: There are no such things as shortcuts in ACCA exams. The completion of the syllabus should always be your priority, particularly in the SBL exam. Additionally, it would be best to study from p2 and ACCA p1 technical articles to better prepare for the exam. These articles are recommended to clear the previous concepts.
  4. Revise and Practice: Once you’ve completed your preparation, you should never skip revision. Moreover, try to practice the questions of SBL online. There are many mock papers and exam questions in p2 and ACCA p1 technical articles you can use to practice. The option to revise SBL online is also available for you.
  5. Find a source of learning: Many students are confused to choose a source to learn SBL, and we know books don’t work always. That’s as a suggestion you can learn SBL online from numerous websites and use a technical article like ACCA p1 technical articles.

You can find handy notes and ACCA p1 technical articles from SKANS ECampus.

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