Review of Android Monitoring Software

Review of Android Monitoring Software

Have you heard about the latest buzz TheOneSpy app.? It has been a real blessing for many parents and has turn the stressful life of many employers into peaceful work life. Well if not no worries. We are here to tell you about the marvelous features of this wonderful app and the parental control and employee monitoring feature. The android monitoring software also offers Mac and Windows spy app versions, thus it is an app that ultimately is a full package for all kinds of users. Even if you think that you are not in the need of parental control or employee monitoring feature then you must be a smartphone user or have a tablet or laptop. The spy app feature can be useful for individual use as well. How ? let’s find out about it in detail.

Top 12 Features Android Monitoring Software

Call Log:

With the use of a spy app, a complete call record of the target person is in your remote access. Track any employee who makes long useless calls during the working hours or know about the late-night call of the teenagers. The complete incoming and outgoing call record is in your access. Not only that in case of any entry or deletion from the call logbook the user will be notified by the spy app.

Call Record:

In case you find any suspicious number and want to know about the details, then it is possible. The topic of a conversation held between the target and the number can be known by the site call record feature of the android spying software.

Text Log:

The spy app lets the user know about the chatbox details of the teenager or employee. You can read the text message and know about any code message conversation of the target very easily. This feature is also useful to track any use of foul or abusive language in the text message folder of the target.

Live Screen Recording:

Real-time screen recording is another useful feature meant for parents and employers. Users can make surprise visits to the target screen at any given time and can even check the activities through the short videos and screenshots captured by the spy app.

KeyLogging :

All the keystrokes applied on the target person’s device are recoded for the user by the keylogging feature. Now know about any account information along with password remotely with ease.

Access To The Photos :

My teen keeps his photo folder password protected and it bothers me. But not anymore as the android monitoring software lets the user have remote access to the photo folder of the target even if it is password protected. Use this feature to check what kind of photos are received, sent, captured, and downloaded by your teen.

Safe Area Alert:

The spy app allows the user to make a virtual safe area on the google map for the target person. This is an extremely beneficial feature for parents. The spy app report right away about the target movement, if he tries to leave the marked safe area zone. You can even mark a restricted zone as well for the target just like the safe zone.

GPS Location Alert:

Want to know about the live pinpoint location of the target well here is a simple way. Use the Gps location tracking feature and know about the real-time location of the target whenever you want.

Mic Bug:

Mic bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding sounds, and voices of the target through the mic of the device. Listen to their random chats and discussions and track them in case of any emergency.

YouTube Screen Recording:

Keep a check on the youtube playlist and channel updates of the target person with the Youtube screen recorder feature.

Know About The Installed Apps:

Anyone who has access to the app store can install any kind of app on the phone. This is not good news for parents of teenagers. If you want to know about the installed apps of your minor then use the android spyware software and check all the installed app of the teen.

Report About Web Browser:

Get a web browsing history report by using the track internet history record feature and know about the digital interest of the target.

 Check out the Mac and Windows spy app for desktop and laptop.

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