How to choose an e-reader? Pay attention to these aspects

How to choose an e-reader? Pay attention to these aspects

Books, in their traditional form, are a very important part of many people’s lives. But apart from the cost of buying them, each new item in the family library takes up more and more space. Of course, there are still libraries where we can borrow books, but unfortunately we do not always have enough money to buy new books by our favourite authors. What if we don’t have room for more books and the library can’t satisfy our reading needs? It’s time to get a reading tablet! 

What kind of device is an e-book reader?

The electronic availability of books is a great advantage for many people. The quicker your broadband connection the faster you will be able to download your book. Not only does it completely eliminate the hassle of putting away another good book, but it allows us to buy new books wherever we are – at home, on holiday, or perhaps during rehab in a sanatorium – and we don’t have to worry about finishing reading our chosen book, even during weekends or holidays. Ease of use and ease of access are among the main advantages of the device.

An e-book is therefore a device that allows you to read books available in electronic format. However, before purchasing, it is important to check the basic parameters, including the book formats supported by the chosen model.

As the devices are very easy and intuitive to use, this technological gadget is an ideal solution for people of all ages. It is also a great option for children who often have to look for their reading assignments in the school library.

Even though the device’s functionality is limited to reading e-books, it is worthwhile to find out more before you buy it so that you get a reader that meets your expectations. If you want to know more about the subject and the aspects that play an important role, you should read this article. In short, what is most important?

The device usually comes in a 6-inch version, which is enough to read your favourite books comfortably and small enough to be taken literally everywhere. Larger models are also available on the market, but you should think carefully about whether to buy one.

You should pay attention to the displays. Why? After all, it is another device with a screen that we expect to spend more time in front of. So we need to pay special attention to our vision. Manufacturers use special screens, the so-called E Ink technology. They have the great advantage that they do not produce any additional light to daylight, which is very important for our eyes. In addition, some models have a screen illumination function, which is also important for our vision, because when the outside light is low, the screen can be illuminated, which makes reading much easier. Reading lights often have matte screens, so you can read not only at home, but also while relaxing on the beach, as the screen does not reflect light.

Which size to choose?

If you start looking for the right device, you will quickly realise that e-books come in different formats. In addition to the classic PDF format, there are also ePUB, TXT, DOC, RTF and MOBI formats.


EPUB is a format supported by most readers. It is produced by the International Digital Publishing Forum. The advantage of this format is that it adapts to the screen size of the books being read. It is also popular because it makes it easier to find information in the text, and to write your own notes or bookmarks, but you need the right software or application to use it.


Another compatible format is PDF, which is familiar to many people and is also used for sending documents. This method is less and less used nowadays, as it has some drawbacks. In the case of PDF books, it was not possible to scale the font and, in addition, it was necessary to maintain strict spacing between pages, which was a major disadvantage for readers using different sized devices. However, this format is compatible with computers and works well for publications containing a large number of graphs and diagrams.


This is an offer that has grown a lot recently, mainly because it is supported by Amazon. But it has a drawback: MOBI files are the only files compatible with Kindle readers. Fortunately any broadband connection will work here, be it  wireless or fibre broadband.

The device is probably easy to use, intuitive, but before you buy it, you should carefully evaluate the possibilities according to your expectations and needs. It is also important to pay attention to the availability of e-books, to check first which format is the best solution and, if in doubt, to ask for expert advice or to read reviews and ratings of the device itself, which are plentiful on the Internet.

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