What Should You Pack When You Plan To Travel To Winter Wonderlands

What Should You Pack When You Plan To Travel To Winter Wonderlands

Time to explore the mesmerizing holiday markets and enjoy the snow to your heart’s content! Finally, you are off to your favorite winter destination.

As the vacation excitement kicks in, we wonder about the ultimate packing checklist for winter travel that is both practical and lets us accommodate all our favorite essentials. After all, there is nothing more fun-killing than finding that you don’t have the right stuff to wear. Even worse, you may forget a basic necessity in haste and end up being annoyed for the rest of your trip.

Finally being able to travel to your much-loved destination isn’t a thing you get to do often. To thoroughly enjoy your voyage, you must plan what to pack by assessing various factors.

First of all, search what the weather would be like over there. You can take help from weather apps or Google to get an idea about the temperature, snowfall, rain, and all the other factors and select the outfits accordingly. Secondly, make an activity plan which will help you to decide your essentials. Of course, actual activities might deviate from the preplanned ones, but still, you will be equipped to enjoy them.

Lastly, check with the airline to know about your baggage allowance. Standard baggage size means you cannot keep a lot of heavy winter clothing. You can do a lot of mixing and matching if that is the case.

Here are some winter travel essentials that you must pack for a comfortable trip.

  1. Long sleeve shirts

As you are traveling to a place where the weather will be cold, you need to take a combination of three to four long-sleeved shirts. Although they will be hidden beneath sweaters and jackets, be mindful of their colors. Take the ones which complement the bottom wears. You never know when a heating system of a hotel or a restaurant is too warm, and you need to take off the top layers to be comfortable.

Try to bring neutral colors such as navy blue, beige, black, white, and red for the shirts.

  1. Turtlenecks

Depending upon how many days you will spend there, take at least one turtleneck sweater with you. The garment protects well against the chilly winds and looks very chic. It curbs the need for a neck scarf as well, giving you a different outfit option.

  1. A sweater dress

A snazzy sweater dress, along with a belt, leggings, and long slick boots, makes a sassy outfit. If you plan to have a special dinner date at your favorite destination, do not forget to keep a beautiful sweater dress with you. Accessorize it with hooped earrings and a black clutch for an exclusive date night look.

  1. 2 Super warm jackets

Deciding which jackets should accompany you is the most important question. Your winter look and comfort are highly dependent on it. Don’t forget to make the best choice as probably all your travel photos will feature your jacket, making it a lifetime memory.

Custom denim jackets with a thick inner are an uber-stylish choice for winter travel. As they can be customized according to your choice, you can pair them with outfits that compliment them well.

Besides that, you can pack a warm quilted jacket in dark color for all the activities that you plan to do in the snow. It is waterproof, so you can enjoy playing in the snow without worrying about wetness or stains.

  1. Long coat

People living in states like Florida or California, or countries where snowfall is only a dream, yearn to wear long coats. As I can totally relate to the feelings, I can say that a deluxe long coat is a must in the winter packing checklist. It is versatile enough to make several winter outfits and is a very practical winter wear.

  1. Loose jeans

I suggest you to pack two to three pairs of jeans to last the whole trip. Make sure they are not skinny as you will need to wear warm thick leggings and socks beneath them. Stick to dark-colored jeans like deep blue, charcoal grey, or black.

  1. Leggings and leg warmers

Temperatures in your holiday destination may drop down to insane levels. It would be a big mistake if you don’t keep some nice warm leggings, thermal wear, or leg warmers with you. You can always buy them easily from your travel destination, but the more economical choice would be to pack them with you or wear them on the flight to not feel the harsh chilly winds once you land there.

  1. Snow boots

Another must-have for the snowy places! A comfy pair of snow boots will make your winter excursions a lot more fun. The inner lining of these boots is made of fur that makes them the ultimate comfort footwear for the cold weather.

  1. Ankle boots

You will need another pair of shoes for those road walks, shopping trips, and dinners. Ankle boots complement almost all winter outfits. Keep a beautiful pair of black or beige ankle boots to complete your posh winter looks.

  1. Flip Flops

Yes, you do need a third pair of footwear as well! For the causal walks around your hotel, pack a pair of flip-flops.

  1. Woolen caps

Although hats are a good head accessory and look stylish as well, woolen caps or beanies are a much practical option for winter travel. They adjust well on the head, so you don’t have to worry they will fall off often. Also, they are warm, cozy, and look very attractive. Keep at least three to match your other clothing essentials.

  1. Scarves

A winter accessory that you must not leave without is pretty scarves. Take a lightweight and a heavy woolen scarf with you. The light one will come in handy with the turtleneck or sweater dress outfits. You can even tie it on your purse for a ritzy look. As for the woolen one, you will wear it with your jackets and long coats.

  1. Warm socks and gloves

You will probably wear socks on the whole trip (even with your night suit). Pack three to four pairs of super warm socks with you. Gloves are also a necessity to keep your hands warm and dry.

  1. A lightweight handbag

You won’t need to carry a lot on your outings once you are at the destination. For the few necessities, a medium or small-sized handbag would be enough. Make sure it is not too bulky as you will be carrying the weight of the many layers of your clothing already. Opt for a bag that can hold your phone, sunglasses, keys, or any essential medicines that you carry with you at all times.

  1. Miscellaneous

Besides clothing and accessories, keep a pouch with travel-sized makeup and toiletries with you. You will also need your earphones, battery charger, and camera. Don’t carry hair brushes and hair dryers, as most hotel rooms already have them. Don’t forget your medicines as you may have a hard time finding them at a new destination.

Parting Words

Packing light ensures a comfortable trip. A great tip to carry less weight is layering smartly. It will help you build many outfits with a few staples. However, depending upon the number of days you will be traveling, you can increase the number of essentials in your packing list. Have a blessed and enjoyable voyage!

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