Top 5 Fun Time Activities


Top 5 Fun Time Activities

There was a time when we prayed fervently for some alone-time- even a short break from the fast-paced, hectic work schedules- until the prayers got answered!

All I ever did in the pandemic was try and figure out new ways to keep myself, and the kids occupied. I am pretty sure most of you had to go through that too. But worry not, I have got you covered.

After having experimented with practically every activity in the book, I am confident that you will find the following fun and engaging!

  • Film a Newscast!

The previous year has all been about social distancing and staying indoors. If you have young kids like me, it was a pretty rough time! Having to distance them from each other when they were arms and limbs onto each other was an adventure in itself.

On a serious note, we all miss social gatherings, offices, school, hangouts, and lazy nights with friends and family. A fun way to help your kids gain confidence in verbal and non-verbal communication can be by filming a newscast. It will also enable you as a family to bond with each other and enjoy quality time while also be updated on current affairs.

You may allocate a day or two of the week for this activity. Watch a newscast with your family and discuss it. Then film a version of the same newscast with your take on the subject. This is also a great way to encourage critical and analytical thinking and promotes voicing opinions.

You may use CBS All Access Coupon Code to get hefty discounts for your favorite newscast or any other show of your choice to spend some cozy, quality time with your loved ones.

  • Arrange Cooking Shows in Your Kitchen

You might have noticed a lot of individuals posting cooking experiences or videos on the internet. It may sound ridiculous, but cooking helps relieve stress and anxiety!

It is also a fun activity when done playfully and not as a burdening chore. If you have young kids, they serve as perfect assistants to mix, blend and taste! You can also experiment with different ingredients and flavors to encourage that picky eater in your home to get eating.

Kids especially love to bake cookies, pies, and pizzas. Not only because they taste heavenly, but also because it is fun squishing the dough!

Film it and post it online to create sweet memories that you can relish forever.

  • Sky Gazing

This is as calming and fun as can be. Not only does it excite both adults and young ones the same but also lets you wonder out loud at the amazing beauty held in the skies.

Start by printing a star chart, set up a tepee or bonfire for an added dramatic effect. You may invest a small amount in getting a telescope for your kids to provide an enhanced involvement.

Choose that perfect spot in your yard that provides a clear view of the heavens and see how the sky changes each night.

  • Become Scientists!

I always wanted to be a scientist, and I bet you did too. Now might be a great time to make that wish come true.

The internet is full of great experimental activities that are not only fun but also serve as a great learning process. Soda volcanoes, instant water freeze, gooey slime, lava lamps, tornado in a bottle are just a few examples.

  • Plant Seedlings

What could be better than watching life grow and that also because of you!

Planting seedlings and nurturing them into plants is not only rewarding but also educational. You can start with simple fruits and veggies available in your kitchen like tomatoes, lemons, strawberries, etc.

Do a little research for information that encourages the growth of your tiny seedling. Maintain a photo journal or make notes regarding its growth. Who knows, you might end up with a kitchen garden of your own.

I sincerely hope that you will find some useful activities from this list that you want to try at home. I have done these with my children, and together we had a great family time. I wish you lots of fun while you make countless, eternal memories with your family.