Tips That Will Make Users Change the Way They Look at Your Legal Website

Tips That Will Make Users Change the Way They Look at Your Legal Website

Creating a website, especially one for your law firm, might sound like something easy that can be done by anyone who has a little bit of experience navigating the Internet. Many websites try to tell you that using WordPress and similar platforms, along with pre-made themes for lawyers, is going to be enough to establish an online presence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

These platforms aren’t bad, and they represent a good starting point for the basics of your website, but creating a homepage with an intuitive design that will capture the attention of potential clients will require a lot more work and planning.

Every single element of an effective design is carefully planned according to your needs. Nowadays, being able to keep the attention of people on your website will greatly increase your chances of expanding your business and finding new clients. That’s why you shouldn’t just open a random platform and throw a few things together while hoping for the best

Building a Robust and Intriguing Website

It should be pretty obvious by now that the structure of your website is a fundamental element that can make a world of difference. The way you showcase your field of expertise and the lawsuits you’ve successfully handled in the past will be your most important proof indicators, but they’re not the only ones you should worry about. Keeping these tips in mind for your legal web design will allow you to get ahead of your competition. 

Links to Social Media

Many professionals forget about this step or just don’t consider it at all because dealing with social media can be stressful and inefficient if done incorrectly, but you should leave this mistake to your competition.

Establishing a social media presence will make a world of difference, while also allowing you to add links to your social media profiles where clients will easily be able to connect with you.

Keep these links only a few clicks away, as potential clients won’t even notice them if they have to manually search for them. 

Costs and Offers

Hiring a lawyer is fundamental for legal issues, but money will always be the first thing a client will have in mind, especially if the entire process evolves into a lawsuit. Talking about specific costs on your homepage is not a smart move, as they can be different for every case, but including an interesting offer will be a wise choice.

If you want to give your clients a free or low-cost case evaluation, remember to make the offer easily visible and accessible. Placing it on a sidebar or directly on your homepage will encourage your clients to get in touch with your law firm.

Confusing Pages

When dealing with legal issues, it’s easy to fall into a state of stress and anxiety. Most people already feel overwhelmed by what happened, so your design needs to give them a sense of security.

Cluttering your pages with many images, a lot of text, and videos will only make an already stressed client leave your website. Be sure to find the right balance so you don’t make your prospects feel uncomfortable.

Your page needs to be as functional as possible while also allowing everyone to quickly get in touch with you.

Changing Everything

Handling a website correctly can be time-consuming, but it’s fundamental nowadays. If your design isn’t working anymore and you’re unable to attract new clients, it’s probably time for a redesign. Your website might not represent your firm correctly and simply updating it is not going to make a difference.

Maybe your design is not effective anymore when it comes to ranking factors. If you’re unable to properly establish a brand, you can also consider contacting a web design expert that can fix your issues while you handle lawsuits.

Don’t forget that things change incredibly fast on the Internet, so you should do everything that’s in your power to always keep your website up to date, even if it means hiring an expert.

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