How Long Does It Take to Get a Pardon?

How Long Does It Take to Get a Pardon?

One of the most frequently asked questions by individuals who have started or looking to start a Canadian Pardon (Record Suspension) application is how long will it take to get my pardon?

Some individuals think that an application is simply filling out some forms then receiving results immediately after. However, there is a nine step legal process in a Canadian Pardon application that is required by the Parole Board of Canada who grants the criminal Pardon in Canada.

Generally the length of time for this process can take away where between 8-12 months and there are a few factors that play into this timeframe:

  1. The extent of the individual’s criminal record and the number of dispositions (locations) for which they were charged. An individual with a lengthy criminal record who has attended multiple courthouses may have a longer application process due to the number of certified court documents required with respect to their charges and the number of courts to request their records information from.
  2. The courthouses and police detachments timeframe. The courts and police receive numerous requests on a daily basis and each courthouse/police detachment has their own separate time schedules when processing these requests. There is no control over how the courthouses and police detachments operate. An individual’s application timeline can be affected by this, especially if the courthouse or police detachment is backlogged.
  3. The individual themselves can affect their own applications timeline. The applicant is responsible to fully complete the requirements of the application that no one else can do for them, such as their own fingerprints, providing up to date personal information and valid pieces of identification.
  4. Once everything has been completed and all requirements have been met, the application must then be submitted to the Parole Board of Canada for their independent review and final decision. The Parole Board of Canada also receives numerous requests daily and have their own processing time which no one can control.

It is also important to consider that if any of the nine (9) legal steps are missed, completed incorrectly or in the wrong sequence the individual’s application can be delayed or risks the possibility of it becoming voided and returned back by the Parole Board of Canada for the applicant to correct and then resubmit.

The short answer is – it depends. There is no set time for acquiring a criminal Pardon in Canada. There is however, the confirmed steps outlined here that must be completed and completed properly to submit your application to the Parole Board of Canada. To ensure the quality of your application and its success enlist the services of a credible and A+ Accredited firm to complete the application.

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