Chinese President congratulates UK’s Queen on the Platinum Jubilee

Chinese President congratulates UK’s Queen on the Platinum Jubilee

Xi Jinping is a Chinese President and he congratulates the Queen Elizabeth II for celebrating their first Platinum jubilee. She is the first British to celebrate the Platinum jubilee.

Chinese President said about the Queen of United Kingdom, she supported the friendship of United Kingdom and China. She played an important role in between these two countries friendship.

Xi Jinping also said that there is the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relationship in the current year between these two countries, Britain and China.

He also said that he hopes to Britain that these two countries will always work together in order to strengthen the mutual trust and also for the promotion of international solidarity.

Chinese President said that by doing this, it will be beneficial for these two countries and for the nation.

He also said with this, these two countries are able to create the opportunities for helping the international communities.

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