The Different Types of Troops in the Game of War

The Different Types of Troops in the Game of War

Every war game is unique and interesting, and the mobile strategy game of War is no exception. Players must build and develop their own empire by deploying various troops to battle their enemies and defend their cities. This article discusses the different types of troops gamers can use in the Game of War to establish their empires and win battles.

Overview of Troop Types in The Game of War

In the Game of War, there are several types of troops available to players. Each troop type has a specific function which it performs in battle, offering differing levels of protection and offense. Troop types in the game can be divided into four main categories: Infantry, cavalry, ranged units, and siege engines. This section provides an overview of each of these categories of troops.

Differentiating between Troop Types

In the Game of War, there are five main categories of troops that players can use to build and defend their empires. With each category possessing its own strengths, weaknesses, and special abilities, it is important for players to make decisions about which troop types to deploy depending on their strategic needs.

Infantry units are best suited for defending buildings and attacking enemy buildings and units on the ground. Cavalry units are better suited for quick, surprise attacks, while ranged units can be used to launch long range attacks on enemy troops. Siege engines, meanwhile, can be used to attack buildings more effectively.

The Features of Infantry Units

The Game of War features a variety of infantry units, which include footsoldiers, spearmen, cavalry, and swordsmen. Footsoldiers are the basic infantry unit, and are typically used to fight on the front line. They are fairly cost effective, which makes them a great choice for frontline defense. Spearmen, on the other hand, are better suited for destroying enemy cavalry and ranged units, as they are quick to respond and can do damage from a distance. Finally, swordsmen are the strongest infantry unit, and are capable of dealing massive damage to enemy troops and buildings.

The Importance of Cavalry Troops

Cavalry troops are excellent for quickly launching surprise attacks on enemies, as they can move quickly over terrain. In the Game of War, there are several types of cavalry troops, including archers, scouts, and pikemen. Archers are excellent for attacking enemy troops from a distance and are perfect for defending cities. Scouts are useful for scouting out enemy troops and terrain, while pikemen are great for charging into battle and dealing significant amounts of damage.

Deploying Ranged Units

Ranged units are great for attacking the enemy from a distance. The Game of War features several different types of ranged units, including ballistae, catapults, and trebuchets. Ballistae can be used to launch long range attacks, while catapults can be used to launch volleys of rocks at enemy troops and buildings. Trebuchets can launch large, powerful missiles at enemies from a distance.


Siege engines can be used to attack enemy buildings, as their heavy armor and powerful weapons make them difficult to destroy. The Game of War features several different types of siege engines, including ram skirmishers, siege towers, and cannons. Ram skirmishers are small, fast moving siege engines that are great for attacking enemy walls. Siege towers are best used for attacking and defending cities, as their large size allows for excellent protection of troops and buildings. Finally, cannons are large, slow moving siege engines that can launch powerful attacks on enemy buildings. They are the most expensive troops in the game, but their destructive power makes them invaluable in times of war.

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