In order to keep away the hemoglobin deficiency, you should use the following food


The Hemoglobin is a protein that contains the iron rich protein. The iron rich protein is present in the red blood cells. It carries the oxygen in red blood cells in your body. Most of the people are infected with iron. No iron means any hemoglobin production in human’s body.

The experts says about the deficiency of hemoglobin that low hemoglobin is a main cause of the weakness, headaches, shortness of breath and fatigue and lots of other causes.

Here is a solution of hemoglobin deficiency and that is fruits. Nature provides us lots of fruits and in the fruits; there are solutions of mostly diseases. The vegetables are also best for this type of problem.

Some of the fruits that are better for the hemoglobin deficiency and provide iron to human body.


The Jeggery has the magnesium and iron in it. The Jeggery also contains the potassium too. It helps in the situations of menstrual cramps and relieving stomach.

The Spinach

The Spinach is also beneficial for human health. It contains the calcium and iron in it.

Vitamin C

The foods that contain the vitamin C, helps you in improving your health.

Bake in Iron pot

If you want more iron then you have to cook them in your iron pots.