How to pass the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam

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Yesterday, I passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) Computer Mcqs Test with 91%. This is an online exam of 70 questions which you have one and a half hours to complete and you should get 80% to pass (Google has recently increased the pass rate to 75% and Time reduced to 30 minutes). With 15 minutes left, I didn’t think it would be a big deal.

This test consists of multiple-choice questions, of which there are usually 4 answers. However, there are several tyEnglish Mcqs Tests of ‘applicable checks’ that were most difficult for me.

GAIQ Exam Preparation The best way to prepare for your GAIQ test is to divide the Google Conversion University Lessons into easily digestible parts. It goes through the basics of simpler and more common sense to create more advanced analytical code and reports. I still recommend reviewing all the lessons, English Mcqs Testcially for questions that test the answers. Lessons are organized in a sensitive way, but be prepared to press the pause button frequently as the content becomes clearer, esEnglish Mcqs Testcially if you plan to take notes. I think the most useful lessons and lessons about passing the exam that you should be fresh / familiar with are:

Google Analytics profile

Acquisition of e-commerce

Filters in Google Analytics

Domains and subdomains

Cookies and Google Analytics

My test included a number of questions about AdWords, including tutorials. I think it would have been a little difficult for me if I hadn’t been familiar with publicity. So, I suggest signing up for an AdWords account to see how it works.

I thought the University of Translation lessons would include much of what I had previously found in both Avinash Kushk’s books. Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: One hour a day is really easy to read and digest. I have read somewhere that most of the exam questions are compiled from Brian Clifton’s book Advanced Web Matrix with Google Analytics. Definitely a useful book and includes 50% easy voucher for GAIQ exam, saving $ 25 and effectively giving away the book for free!

The GAIQ Test Advisor consists of 70 questions and an hour and a half to complete, giving you very limited time to research the questions (one minute or more English Mcqs Testr question). However, there are some issues that you can easily solve and you will save a lot of time in researching these difficult issues. The resources I recommend oEnglish Mcqs Testning in your browser during testing are:

Google Search – Answers to many questions, even if you are not ready.

Google Analytics – Make sure you’re logged in.

IP Address Range Regex Tool – I had a problem with the IP Range, I just added it to this tool

Cookie Reference – The cookie had too many questions.

The best tool was the University of Translation. I have set up the following page so that I can quickly find the information I am looking for in all the lessons.

University Notes on Translation – Really useful if you use ‘ctrl F’

Conclusion I hoEnglish Mcqs Test this article has been helpful to you in preparing for the exam. The test is not difficult unless you have exEnglish Mcqs Testrience with Google Analytics and use the tips above to brush and refresh what you are unfamiliar with.

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