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If you are interested in gardening, you need to be equipped with the necessary tools. Here are some basic tools that every gardener should start with. After many years of experience, I can give you several categories in each category and tell you which are my favorites.


This is a versatile gardencarten.com website that should always be on hand. Small plants are used for planting and making pottery. It can also be used to remove herbs. Towels are all-purpose weapons in your arsenal, and it’s great to have more than one. There are many truths, but my favorite is the plastic model. I’ve had problems with the precious metal version before, because if I work hard, they always seem to get out of hand. This is not a problem with all plastic models.

The administration is a shovel.

The shovel is used for many purposes. It can also be used to move or remove garbage, but in my yard its main purpose is to dig a pit. I recommend investing in high quality shovels. You will need both types – a bow and a flat head. After destroying all possible types, I removed all the metal shovels, metal handles and metal knives one by one. I couldn’t break it.


It is important to buy the right scissors if you are working with trees and plants. Buy a high quality model even if you have to pay extra. You have to accept the extra cost and get the best. I took cheap scissors and broke them in one day. They came back, I came home with the best model, but it still works for over 10 years. You will find three types: bricks for cutting bricks, Lupine scissors for cutting large branches, and small hand scissors for cutting and pruning small branches and plants. The cutting knife should be clean and lubricated with very sharp and light oil. Follow these tips, your scissors will last for years and will be when you need it or when your neighbor needs it!


It is important to know when and where to water your garden. In fact, it separates us from our ancestors, who had to pay in pits or buckets to irrigate their gardens. The garden hose allows us to get this water whenever and wherever we need it. You can choose to spend more or less. I have a cheap hose and an expensive hose, they both do their job. If you are looking for a standard garden with multi-story walls and nice hard copper tools. If you have a long hose, buy hose cabinets or rollers for easy and convenient storage. I use both a wall-mounted roller and a wheel wrap that can be used in the yard if needed.


A good carpet (maybe two) should be ready in your yard. Do you need to clean up the garbage in your garden? Your shelf should be ready to go. Depending on the use, the board can be made in many ways. There is a heavy iron cupboard to soften the leaves, gravel and soil. A closet made of thin metal or bamboo strips. This is a great way to get rid of clutter you don’t need. I have heavy and light walls, but they are made of heavily threaded handles. This type is more expensive, but as you get older, the wall and wooden handles will never break.

Wheelchairs and garden carts

If you want to work in the garden or yard, you will need to move things like leaves, grass, weeds. You will want to work with heavy weapons in the far corner of the courtyard. Chariots are the easiest to load, and the Rebel Chariot works best for carrying your heavy loads.

Wheelchairs and garden carts are important for heavy loads without damaging your back. The steering wheel is made of metal or plastic. Both are good, but my first wheelchair was made of thin metal and lasted for many years before it was pasted, folded and lost, so I like the heavy plastic model.

The garden chariot resembled a small red chariot but was enlarged for work. Find models with heavy construction and large wheeled wheels. If you have a rider, some garden vehicles are designed to be removed from the rider like a trailer. Some of the rebel vehicles have sloping sides and some have a rear cover that can be loaded by pulling nails from the front. Check it out a few times before you buy it. Find a model that fits your situation.

As you can see, having the tools you need while working in the yard can make life easier. If you like my tools, you should be proud of your garden tools and feel at home.

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