Heavenly competition: the gap between job seekers and employers

Heavenly competition: the gap between job seekers and employers

I came across a new survey published this week by FlexJobs¹, which found that 48% of job seekers find job search frustrating because they can’t find the right job. The survey found that 47% of job seekers quit their current careers, 85% said they wanted to reduce their wages for the job, and 40% thought they were eligible.

What is happening in the job market today?

I ask this question because I was shocked by these statistics. In the last few months we have experienced a “shortage of candidates” which we call the “buying market”. Candidates are ahead. They have the ability to negotiate higher salaries and generally accept immovable benefits. it’s fine …?

From the point of view of job seekers, these figures paint a very different picture, then a picture painted by companies that hire during labor shortages. Where is the rest

Job description not written according to the right audience? Not enough keywords to find a job seeker? Are there Latest PPSC Jobs Today postings on websites that are not looking for the right candidate? It could be one of those things and another.

When I think about the shortage of candidates and the element of this statistic, one thing becomes clear: from the point of view of the “applicant” it is time to reconsider the deficit. Is there a shortage of job seekers because they can’t find the job they are looking for? As I consider it, this can be part of the job. So how do we do that for job seekers? One way to do this is to rethink your strategy. Time to think like a petitioner.

Put yourself in the shoes of the entrant.

Who is the best person for your role? If you were this person, what would you like to see in your job description? What keywords can this applicant search for? What do you want to offer that doesn’t give the same character? Why would anyone want to work in this role in this company? What kind of person is happy on this occasion?

Think of a person looking for a job. If this is the place for you, review your work. Recently I was walking in the smoke and living in the town of Gatlinburg. If you haven’t been there, this is one of the tourist attractions in the Smok Mountains. They have shops, restaurants and attractions. I have noticed that many businesses have a sign outside the building that says “Need help”. Due to scarcity we also went to a restaurant where they lived, so the waiting time will be a bit longer. When I looked at the restaurant, most of the tables were empty due to lack of waiters and waitresses. We later learned from a Gatlinburg restaurant owner that there was a large Romanian population there. Working in Gatlinburg is the best opportunity for them to work and live in the United States. I never thought Gatlinberg would attract Romanians, but those two waiters were actually in Romania during those two days when we were there! This does not mean that you should be involved in international affairs, but it is a good example of external thinking and the point of view of the applicant. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? Who is happy with this post? Where is the best place to work?

Inverted character. Follow the advice you gave to candidates when applying for a job.

Also, to put yourself in the shoes of the Today Jobs In Pak, reject the characters and get your advice from the candidates. Yesterday I read an article about getting a job early. It was a great article, and after reading it, I thought I could use it by giving a lot of advice and hiring companies. The same tips apply: focus, win-win coverage, storytelling, elevator space, show what sets you apart. Is it familiar Job seekers must sell themselves, but companies must also sell themselves and their positions, otherwise there is no better competition. If the job seeker appears on the first day in a fancy dress and the company shows him a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, it can save a lasting impression and not be uninteresting. We sink deeper into the first impression!

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