GMAT Study Materials for GMAT English

GMAT Study Materials for GMAT English

The verbal section of the GMAT English GMAT exam is designed to test a candidate’s proficiency in reading and comprehending any written material, evaluating arguments, and rectifying materials that conform to Standard English.

The GMAT Verbal has the following subcategories: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, and Critical Reasoning.

The Reading Comprehension section is pretty straightforward where it evaluates your critical reading skills and your aptitude for reading a passage, making inferences based on the given text in the passage, analyzing the structure of the passage, and understanding the author’s point of view about the given topic. The topic of the passage could be anything from business, physical science to social science, or even biological sciences. Ensure that while reading the passage you remember all the important points which will assist you in answering the questions which follow the passage.

The Sentence Correction questions will be framed in a manner where you will be given long sentences and a portion or even an entire sentence may be underlined. You will need to substitute this part with an option that best replaces the underlined section or is closest in meaning to it. You will be provided with four options.

Finally, with the Critical Reasoning questions, you will be given a short argumentative essay followed by a question related to it. You will be expected to find an answer choice which either weakens or strengthens the argument. You can either find an assumption mentioned in the argument or you will be asked to make inferences yourself. First, identify the conclusion, and then you can establish the evidence that will bolster the conclusion.

The scoring for the verbal section is from 1 to 60 and has single point increments. In addition to your scaled score, you will also be provided with a percentile score. The percentile score gives you an understanding of how you have performed in comparison to the other candidates who have attempted the exam. The GMAT English has various important grammar topics like: Idioms, Modifiers, Parallelism, Verb Tense, Pronouns, and Subject Verb Agreement. You must have the appropriate study material to learn all these concepts. Let us now learn more about the GMAT study materials.

GMAT Study Material

Preparing for the GMAT is no easy feat.  You will have to have a proper study plan in place along with appropriate study materials which will assist you in attaining your target GMAT score.

Technology has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last few years and you now have access to vast resources online. However, not all of them come from credible sources; therefore, you will need to be careful with the material which you choose to study.

The CareerLab’s scientifically designed GMAT preparation modules which are inclusive of free GMAT preparation resources and guidance from some of the best experts in the industry are available to help you attain your desired GMAT score. You will gain access to 150 hours of GMAT preparation, 3500+ practice questions (Advanced level to basic level), and 60 hours of basic GMAT preparation, live online webinars and many more useful resources. Some of the other important GMAT Study Material are listed below:

The GMAT Official Practice Test starter Kit consists of many official sample questions and two full-length mock exams. This is a free-to-access kit for all users registered on All of the questions in these practice tests utilize the same scoring algorithm as the actual GMAT exam. This will give you more confidence and familiarity with the different question types which are asked in the actual exam. It will enable you to work on your time management skills which will, in turn, help you to complete the exam within the stipulated time. Mock exams will allow you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

The GMAT Official Guides – As the name suggests these are the books from the official creators of the GMAT exam. They contain questions that have been asked in the GMAT. These official guides also offer answer explanations to all the questions which will immensely aid your preparation.

After reading this article we are confident that you would have gained a better understanding of the GMAT English section and the relevant study material that will help you in acing your GMAT prep.

Good Luck!

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