A Decorative Covering That Protects and Beautifies the Wall

A Decorative Covering That Protects and Beautifies the Wall

Home is the place where you feel and be your most authentic self. It’s your place which defines you in all ways because you buy it, decorate it the way you like, paint it with colors of your choice, the placement of furniture and the texture of the curtain everything is according to you.  You can only buy a house, but it’s you who makes it a home, and there is no home without walls.

Over time the house ages too, and it shows the weathering as well, and the most is seen on the walls. With the increase in the rates of everything, you cannot get it refurbished now and then. So, to ease the problem of dirty walls, be it staining of different things or a masterpiece of your toddlers’ wall cladding, comes in for the rescue. It can fix the walls at a low price with a protecting guarantee.

Wall cladding is a type of decorative and chic covering that makes the wall seem made of different material like wood, marbles, bricks, and many different illusions. It is gaining popularity because of its artistic element, low price, and waterproof quality.

The type of material claddings are made of and their benefits-

They are generally made of simulated or real stone, and they can be used to cover walls made of steel or concrete. The materials may vary from slate, sandstone, or granite, and they give the illusion of natural stone, which is comparatively light weighted and can be compared to veneer.

They are available in different colors, patterns, and textures. Stone cladding adds so much elegance, antique, and definition to your walls. It also protects the wall well by causing insulation and temperature control.

Types of claddings-


1.Rustic Touch- It’s high-end looking and creates a soothing and warm effect for the viewers

2.Stone Cladding- It’s light-hued and crisp, which creates a distinct image as its gorgeous and neutral can be good for kitchen spaces or dividers in the space.

3.The Asymmetric Cladding-An asymmetric arrangement of the cladding gives a very busy feeling in the area, called ledge stone.

4.Black beauty – Its black stone cladding is highly versatile and timeless. It comes in different color schemes. The stones are not highly textured and cut, so it makes the space look sleek.

5.3D wall cladding – It gives the effect of depths and shadows. It’s timeless and beautiful, with lighter hues in the space.

6.Serene and white- Best for bathrooms as it is small and so whites and neutrals give a very grand feeling and ambiance.

7.Brick cladding-For some fun and quirkiness, you can go with this type of cladding.

Exterior –

1.Tuscan–inspired-It’s a stone wall cladding that gives a rustic and time-honored feeling. For this type of cladding, granite is the best option to go for.

2.The stone claddings for stairs give a very monumental vibe, and you can go for it if you want a beautiful vignette.

3.Decorative cladding- This cladding goes best for the accent wall and gives a very grand feeling.

With wall cladding being the most beautiful, feasible, efficient, protective, and budget-friendly choice, fix those walls and make your space most welcoming and define you most innovatively.

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