6 Maintenance Tips That Leaves Carpets Looking Fresh and New

6 Maintenance Tips That Leaves Carpets Looking Fresh and New

A carpet is one of the most important parts of any home or office because it protects the floor and adds atmosphere to the space. With the wide variety of carpets available in the market, many also choose to use carpets to add to the aesthetics of an indoor place. However, commercial carpets get dirty very easily, and it’s important to clean them regularly. For many people, commercial carpet cleaning chemicals are the one thing that comes to mind when they think about cleaning commercial carpets.

However, a lot more can be done to ensure the carpets stay fresh and new. The following blog highlights some key tips for carpet maintenance.

1.     Regular Vacuuming

One of the most important tips for maintaining a carpet is that it should be vacuumed regularly. Dust and dirt accumulated on your carpet may not pose a problem immediately. But over long periods of time, any debris can lead your carpet to damage while also deteriorating the indoor air quality.  Vacuuming helps prevent dirt and soil from gathering on the carpet fibers. It also helps to keep the fibers pliable over time. Hence, it’s a good idea to vacuum the high-traffic areas at least twice a week and low-traffic areas at least once a week.

2.     Clean the Spills Right Away

Liquid spills happen all the time, and these can penetrate the surface of the carpets very easily. These spills should be cleaned immediately, or they’ll damage the carpet. Make sure to clean the spillage area at least three to four times to remove the stain properly. In this way, commercial carpet cleaning chemicals are very useful. A cleaner that dries quickly and can be vacuumed are preferable to those that are sticky. Here’s a general breakdown of how certain kinds of spills can be cleaned:

  • Blot liquid spills can be cleaned with the help of a cotton towel.
  • Tougher spots like ink, grease, oil, drain, urine, wine, dyes, acids, mildew removers, medicines, and insecticides require special carpet cleaning products and carpet cleaning equipment to be removed.
  • General spots can be cleaned with the help of mild detergents.
  • Dry soil can be removed using a vacuum.

3.     Have a Proper Maintenance Plan in Place

It’s important to have a good maintenance plan for commercial carpets. The plan starts with firstly marking different areas where the carpet is present in the facility. Then, the workers should identify the foot traffic every area experiences. For instance, entryways have higher foot traffic compared to areas that are hardly used.

Once the workers know the foot traffic patterns of the entire office, a proper carpet care schedule can be created. Carpet placed at high-traffic areas should receive more frequent cleaning and might also require the use of high-quality cleaning products. While carpets in other areas may need less maintenance. Nonetheless, each placed carpet must receive regular maintenance for a consistently clean look.

4.     Get Professional Support for Carpet Cleaning

A deep cleaning service is also important at least once or twice a year because it extends the lifetime of commercial carpets. By using the professional training and carpet cleaning equipment, workers can remove dirt buildup, odors, and stains from the carpet, which cannot be otherwise eliminated with routine maintenance. Professional cleaning services also enhance the appearance of the carpets, which reflects nicely on the business.

For instance, regular vacuuming help keep the carpet clean over time, but hot water extraction every once in a while, is also quite beneficial. Rinsing the carpet using an extractor and carpet cleaning products is also important. On the other hand, a pile lifter will help loosen embedded dirt over time. Hence, getting professional support for cleaning carpets is important.

5.     Don’t Forget the Basics

Regular maintenance is important for all kinds of floors, be they hard or soft surfaces. However, the basic steps should not be overlooked. For instance, mats can be placed outside and inside the building entryways to prevent dirt from gathering at the door. This way, the smaller mats capture dirt and other associated particles before people enter the building.

On the other hand, textured mats can be placed under the desks and in the lounge areas, where higher foot traffic is expected. These mats catch debris before it reaches the carpet and thus serve as a buffer. It’s also important to ventilate the space by opening the doors and windows.

6.     Have the Right Equipment and Resources

Since a carpet is expensive, the right equipment and resources should be used to clean it. Improper equipment and products will cause damage to the carpet in the long run, and even if the carpet is kept clean, it will not stay durable in the long run. Accordingly, the right equipment and products should be used with the carpets to avoid damage. The use of improper equipment and products can also void the warranty of the carpet according to the rules of some manufacturers.


Regular carpet maintenance is important to ensure the carpet stays fresh and new for a long time. As with most things, a well-maintained carpet doesn’t come easy. Carpet maintenance requires special carpet cleaning products and equipment to keep the carpets top-notch. And with professional carpet cleaning support available, extending your carpet’s life becomes achievable with fewer efforts.

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