What Really Works for Women’s Hair Loss?

What Really Works for Women’s Hair Loss?

Hairfall is a natural phenomenon for both men and women. Each day, every person sheds anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair. This is a natural process where weak and shriveled hair sheds and a new and healthy strand grows in its place. However, when people experience shedding more than 125 strands per day, it can already lead to a hair loss problem.

Although hair loss is more common for men, women experience it too. It is important to understand why it happens and how to find the best hair loss treatment for a female audience to address this pressing problem.

How Do Women Experience Hair Loss?

There are several reasons why women experience hair loss that can be divided into two categories: genetic and reactive.

As the name suggests, genetic hair loss is a result of one’s genetic makeup. Maybe parents or grandparents, aunts and uncles, and faraway relatives have a history of hair loss passed down from generation to generation. In this instance, the experience of hair loss is gradual.

Women will notice a reduction in hair growth. Strands are thinner. There is less volume in the hair. On the other hand, reactive hair loss is a result of an occurrence or a trigger. This could range anywhere from extreme stress, vitamin deficiency, imbalanced diet, or an illness.

Nowadays, psychological and mental stress are common trigger points for women, especially those working. How does this happen? When stress hits, the body raises the production of androgen, which in turn causes hair loss. This triggers the hair follicles to go into resting mode rather than growth mode.

Another trigger for hair loss for women is a vitamin or nutritional deficiency. Hair growth is quite reliant on Vitamin D3, B12, and Iron. If and when the body is deprived of these minerals, women notice a change in their hair and their skin and nails. Vitamin supplements and eating food with high levels of iron and amino acids can help alleviate this problem.

What is the Best Solution for Women’s Hair Loss?

There are different solutions to target hair loss, depending on what caused it. The fastest and most doable way to solve this issue is to take care of the body and create a balance where there are deficiencies. Start by recognizing the problem and act on it: from incorporating more proteins and complex carbohydrates in one’s diet to prioritizing self-care and treating oneself to a hair, massage can result in incredible changes in hair growth.

In severe situations, some doctors and professionals can share insightful information and expert opinions to treat this problem. Facilities like HairMD in Pune are a reputable source with over three decades of experience in the industry. They provide the best hair loss treatment for the female populace with the mission to make women feel confident in their own skin.

Medications to Take that Prevent Hair Loss and Target Hair Growth

In any case, it is important to stay calm and know that there is a solution to any hair loss problem. There are medications to treat it. Some of the common and trusted remedies include Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Minoxidil is a readily available supplement that can be bought over the counter. It comes in the forms of liquid medicine and roller. When applied to the scalp directly, this drug helps reduce the rate of hair loss and is even proven to catalyze hair growth in affected areas. To get the best results, apply this product daily. People will see results within a few months of constant usage.

Finasteride aids in improving hair density and thickness. This type of medication should be taken with caution as it can lead to unwanted side effects. Before taking this drug, consult with a doctor on the appropriate dosage and safety measures.

These are only two of the medications that have been tried and tested. Doctors most recommend these to diminish hair loss problems. However, other instances might require a more permanent solution.

Is It Necessary to Have Hair Surgery?

In extreme cases, hair surgery might be the best hair loss treatment for female patients. Surgeries are personal, private, and invasive. On the one hand, hair transplant surgery acquires hair from a donor and is transplanted to the patient’s scalp. An operation of this scale is complex and tedious that requires replanting the roots of the hair.

On the other hand, there is laser therapy that has only been introduced quite recently in dermatology. For this treatment, hair follicles are re-energized through Photons to restart their function. Hair specialists and dermatologists have widely recommended this procedure.


Hair fall is a natural occurrence, and it is quite normal for women to shed hair every day, especially when scrubbing or brushing the hair. When signs of hair loss appear, there is no need to worry. There is always a way to solve the problem, most recommended by experts and specialists.

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