What is Data Warehousing and how do India Snowflake Companies Help in it?

What is Data Warehousing and how do India Snowflake Companies Help in it?

With data warehousing you build a solid, future-proof data infrastructure that enables simple and complex data analyses, flexible reporting, data mining and interactive KPI dashboards. A data warehouse is indeed necessary to realize effective and user-friendly Business Intelligence applications.

A data warehouse combines data from different sources and you apply specific data modeling (with facts and dimension tables) so that users get answers to questions very quickly. Whether it concerns an ad hoc analysis, a new report or dashboard that you want to build or a predictive analytics model, data warehouses deliver the right data at lightning speed.

Data warehouse significance grows with BI maturity

When you start with Business Intelligence & Analytics, it is not wise to immediately set up a large-scale data warehouse. Better decisions are not the result of a sound data warehouse, but of decision makers and analysts who work data-driven and are data literate.

And in that case you need a more robust data infrastructure and the added value and significance of a data warehouse grows.

How will you set up and use a modern data warehouse?

Setting up a structured, modern data warehouse is a very complex task because there are many design dilemmas involved. One of the dominant data warehouse dilemmas is “storage versus speed”. An index on a table means extra storage of data, but if you want to look something up, it also means a much faster response time. Because storage space costs hardly any more money and the aspect of speed is still underestimated, the choice was made quickly in our opinion. In data warehouse architecture you ensure that the user (report viewer, analyst, data scientist) experiences a formidable speed in 80% of the queries. Because learning from data can then take place much more easily. A modern data warehouse is therefore heavily optimized in terms of speed.

Snowflake originally had many images of data warehouses and databases, and wants to spread the idea of ​​data cloud as a new concept beyond that. The data cloud is simply a global network. Snowflake calls a network where people and data belong to a network, and data and the people who use the data can easily connect to each other.

Why take the help of India Snowflake Companies?

With the India snowflake companies such as Ducima Analytics, you get the unique and exclusive features such as data cloning and third-party tools support, which cannot be seen in other cloud service providers. You are offered a vast number of technology fields counting data integration, advanced analytics, security governance, and business intelligence. Snowflake is not just a platform for cloud infrastructure but there are many options for developing the modern architecture for a better future, which makes it suitable for fast computing, and vibrant usage trends. Data processing is simplified with the help of Snowflake data implementation for your company.

Ducima Analytics is the one and only source Snowflake service provider in Chennai which can connect your business to the Big Data through Snowflake Data Warehouse and Data Lake implementation. If you also want to run your business in behalf of the world’s data then don’t forget to contact Ducima Analytics private limited.

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