What are the Different Earring locks we see in the Market?

What are the Different Earring locks we see in the Market?

We pay less attention to the attachment of the earrings, which may be unique to everyone because not everyone fits or likes the specific locking mechanism. Jewelry is also affected by changes in fashion trends, which become popular over time. The grip of the earrings depends on the environment, the place where the product is made or the type of earrings, which is the most suitable grip.

Hook lock

A hook grip is usually used to hang earrings. It is especially popular with silver earrings. It is easy to use and should be threaded through the perforated hole in the ear canal. This surrounds the earrings and prevents the earrings from coming out. Sometimes the closure can be reinforced with a silicone brake. We recommend removing the earrings with hooks from the ear for the evening. It is very popular. Originally it was used only for jewelry, but now it is also used to cover jewelry made of gold, silver and other precious stones. Earrings having this lock along with antique bajuband online look really great.

 Traditional locking mechanism

The patent belongs to the most common earring glasses, which are usually visible to all women who wear earrings. It is one of the most widely used and widely used staple foods in Europe. A mechanical lock bends over the curved shaft after piercing the ear hole, preventing the earrings from coming out. The patent closes the ear, thus protecting the ear from coming out. Its advantage is fast and secure closure. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all types of earrings, but it is suitable for most jewelry.


Universal and the most popular type of locking mechanism. Due to its simple structure, it can be used on almost all earrings of small sizes and shapes, mainly no other grip can be used with these types. Due to its size, it is also suitable for children and active women. It consists of two parts, a threadless stem and a spring-loaded spring-loaded end part. The brake can be made of metal or silicone. Zipper earrings should not be found in any woman’s jewelry box. The disadvantage is that it is not recommended for small children because the brake may loosen and this may mean losing the earrings, in addition to which small pieces can be easily swallowed.

Russian lock

Russian lock is one of the oldest locking devices. It is very popular among women because it is almost invisible (hidden behind the earlobe) and does not interfere with the shape of the earrings. There is a small groove at the end of the stem, to which the other movable part is attached. This type of patch is preferred by individual jewelers because it creates an elegant effect. They can be used with most earrings or prom jewelry. This lock is more easily able to seen in imitation Earrings Set Online due to its reliability.

Classic rings

Is there anyone else who doesn’t know the big and dominant rings that are so common to some women? Without this accessory many people would not even be able to imagine their shelves.

We distinguish two types:

Tube ring – self-closing, i.e. the thin shaft is placed in the opposite tube

A fork – a locked ring – or a fork attached to a fork

Today hoop earrings include not only round earrings, but all shapes that are covered, so they start in front of the ear and end behind the earring. They can be decorated with various elements, diamonds or other precious stones. They are mostly made of gold or silver. Today, hoop earrings are available in retro style, in many sizes, colors and price categories, so they are suitable for all women.

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