Top 5 Methods to Make Kinetic Typography Video After Effects

Top 5 Methods to Make Kinetic Typography Video After Effects

The world has progressed fast. We all have set foot into the digital age, and everyone has a phone in their hands these days. There are different kinds of interactions with information and studies have shown that video visuals are one of the most effective ways for effective communication to your audience.

These videos are made with the help of some software that everyone knows as kinetic typography video  making software. A kinetic typography video maker is used to create videos that have moving texts in the video. The text moves in the form of animation and eventually becomes one of the best ways for advertisement and conveying pictorial messages. Kinetic Typography Video after-effects is an important component of every video. In this article, we shall discuss the 5 best methods to create after-effects in your kinetic typography video.

Best Methods to Create After Effects

Smooth Text Plugins

Creating the simplest of texts is one of the best after effect you can have in your kinetic typography video. The text can be made in different ways. The first thing is creating a text first. The text can be created by adding it to a typing file. The text style and fond are adjusted depending upon your desire. Using smooth text plugins, you can easily add blur features, color features, and italics features. Everything can be done using the right text plugin for your animated video.

Dots to Letters Transitions

Imagine having a great text video in which the text gets changed differently. This can make our viewers get in a game sort of thing where they are curious about what kind of text would be coming up next. The kinetic typography video-making software enables us to add transitions of such types without any issue making it really easy to create one such text.

Handwritten Effect

This effect is easy to create. Simple use the handwritten plugin and write your text. The text addition tunes in several ways. It can eventually start being written with a pen or pencil, depending upon your visual effects and how you want them.

3D Kinetic Effects

We all have seen the 3D texts in videos and how it attracts us this much. Well, this can be with your video in no time. No matter what kind of software you are using, check the 3D editing option. This 3D editing lets you type the text you want. You can add different features such as depth and color depending upon your choice.

Text Shadow

Having a textshadow lets you greatly affect your audience, making it a great visual effect. The text can be added shadow using the shadow option and adding the opaqueness to it. There is also a plugin that lets you do this.

Mango Animate Text Video Maker

With so many benefits from a single software, everyone needs a video editor that can let you have effects in no time. The Mango Animate Text Video Maker enables a lot of dynamic features.

Lifelike Text to Speech

You can easily use the best text-to-speech service in one of the greatest collections. There is a huge number of options to select from. The voice pack keeps on updating, making it filled with great options.

Text to Video Animation

The Mango Animate Text Video maker lets you make a really great video by just converting your text. You can select from the basic type writing effect to the advanced bouncing or sliding in effect to make the best of your typographic video.

Voice over functionality

you can have a better voice-over text in your video with the voice-over function. This lets you create a video in your voice with clear audio and no sound distortion.

The Mango Animate Text Video Maker is one of the best software you can use for adding kinetic typography video after effects so download it and let the fun get started.

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