The Next Big Thing in Eva Foam Sheet Manufacturer in India

Eva Foam Sheet

EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate. The EVA foam sheets are generally used in production units, as a substitute of materials like natural rubber, vinyl, neoprene, polyurethane, wood composites, fiberglasses, and felts. These foam sheets serve a variety of benefits which include resistance against heavy liquids like oil, fuel, and other chemicals. The EVA foam sheets manufacturers in India are coming up with new things. Before knowing that let’s find out what EVA foam sheets exactly are

What are EVA foam sheets and how are they useful?

EVA foam is structured with uniform cells that equally processes like thermoplastics. These sheets are flexible and do not degrade due to compression. It quickly absorbs colors and forms a mould which becomes a sheet of closed-cell.

EVA foam sheet is versatile and offers us benefits in multiple applications to ease our work. EVA foam stands as an effective replacement of chemicals like rubber and vinyl products in many electrical applications and other necessary items like auto motors, buildings, electronics, healthcare packaging, sports, leisure, and footwear.

The benefits that EVA foam sheets are:

  • There are many electrical applications that consist of EVA foam that saves the power and functions effectively.
  • EVA clings the plastic wrap.
  • EVA foams are also used in designing of adhesives that are used in packaging, bookbinding, bonding plastic films, metal surfaces and coated papers.
  • EVA is also used in designing of wax and resin additives that help in melting hot-melt adhesives for glue sticks, soccer cleats and foam stickers for children.
  • EVA is also used in medicines that slowly release the compound within the body. It consists of a polymer that is dissolved in an organic solvent that forms a homogenous mixture and moulds into a frozen dried solid.
  • The sports equipment in which the EVA sheets are used includes padding, ski boots, bicycles, saddles, hockey pads, boxing gloves, fishing rods and sports helmets.

The next big thing in EVA foam sheets

There EVA sheets are also used in solar panels that serve multiple benefits with its cutting edge technology, that stands as Unique Selling Proposition(USP) of this business. Let’s find out what big things can it make.

The sustainability of this technology has been serving the environment for long and would continue serving it with its resources.

The EVA sheets are highly used in solar panels and its entire manufacturing industry. It produces ultrafast cure encapsulants at 1200 MW capacity.

The solar EVA sheets are important to enhance the durability and performance of the solar panels. The EVA sheets allow the solar cells to float between the glass and the backsheet, that softens the shock and vibrations that protects the cells and circuits.

This way the electric power is saved and also people remain safe against instances like short-circuit, damages due to loss of power, reduced fire probability etc.

This also encourages the use of solar panels to generate electricity and reduce power consumption, which would help in cutting the cost and saving the money.

It is predicted that in the upcoming years, the majority of the people would switch to solar power for the generation of electricity.  The EVA foam sheets will make it even better by protecting its solar cells against liquid substances like oil, fuel, water and others that can cause damage to the panel.

The optical and electrical transmissivity will make it easier for solar panels to perform.

The EVA foam sheets also keep the moisture out and don’t deplete the quality of the panel by repeatedly sticking to it. This enhances the durability of the panel.

Thus, this is how the evolution of EVA foam sheets in India will evolve if it collaborates with solar energy. So, if you are looking for such quality EVA foam sheets then contact Vishakha renewables for your answer.