The New type of Corona does not Cause Serious illness

The New type of Corona does not Cause Serious illness

The new strain of the coronavirus, which spreads rapidly from the UK to other parts of the world, spreads more easily, but does not increase the severity of the disease.

A new medical study in the UK has found that the new strain of coronavirus is no more deadly than other strains.

Research on this new strain from Public Health England has shown that it can spread more.

For the study in the UK, 1,769 patients infected with the new strain was compared to as many people infected with the second strain of the virus and the age groups of the two groups were similar.

During the study, 42 patients were admitted to the hospital, of whom 16 belonged to the new group and 26 belonged to the other group.

The study found that those who remained ill for up to 28 days after being diagnosed with the disease had a higher mortality rate.

Twelve people in the new group and 10 in the other group died as a result of the disease, a difference that was not statistically significant.

The good news is that this new strain does not cause serious illness, but its rapid spread can be a major problem.

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