Studying At Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh

UEI Global is rated as one of the top Hotel Management Institute in Chandigarh offering short term and long term courses in Hotel Management.  It was set up in 2007 under the aegis of Berggruen Charitable Trust. It is one of the best institutions for advanced management and hospitality education in the country. With 9 campuses in India, UEI Global holds the largest chain of hotel management institutes in the country. Since its inception, the institute has grown significantly to become one of the leading institutes for all aspects related to hotels, hospitality and leisure.

The main aim of the institute is to equip students with all the latest information about hospitality and hotels. This includes current as well as historical information about hotels and their operations. They educate students on everything from basic management to intricate operations and strategies of hotels.

Hotel Management Institute at Chandigarh focuses on overall management effectiveness. They provide the necessary practical training to students to help them understand the dynamics of running a hotel. Students learn about management styles including the five different styles or structures of hotel organization. Apart, from that they also learn about policies related to hotels such as taxes and rents, staffing, housekeeping, catering, marketing, advertising and financing.

The institute provides a unique forum to exchange experiences with other people working in the hospitality industry. This helps to improve overall organization skills. It also facilitates the communication between staff and guest in order to maximize productivity and improve profitability. A lot of practical, strategic and tactical exercises are conducted between the management and staff. Such exercises mainly deal with the guest behavior and hospitality standards.

Another important objective of the management institute is to provide internship programs to students. Interns can work as receptionists, floor managers, book keepers, floor managers etc. Most of the time they work with managing rooms and halls. Since most hotels are multistory structures, interns gain an insight into the day to day tasks involved in running a hotel.

The institute also conducts special courses for the training of managers in hospitality. These programs are generally focused towards the sales aspect of hotel operations. Since hotels tend to serve food and drink to its guests, management trainees are taught about the various aspects of marketing hospitality products such as food and beverage marketing, event planning and merchandising, retail and restaurant merchandising. They also get training on the different aspects of finance, accounting, human resources and operations. Normally the institutes arrange for modules and courses which can be chosen from different specialization areas. Generally there are specialization in floor, food and beverage, event planning, restaurant and retail merchandising, hospitality management, hotel finance and architecture and interior design.

After having completed the specialized courses in hotel management, students will have to successfully complete the internship program under the supervision of an expert trainer. The institute also offers diploma courses in management. An associate’s degree is the minimum requirement for a job in the hospitality industry. However, some organizations may ask for a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree. Some companies also hire those individuals who have already graduated from a traditional institution or from an online university.

The salary of a graduate from a hotel management institute is competitive. Usually the starting salaries are $30 an hour but this varies from company to company. Experience is also an advantage. Graduates with at least two years of relevant experience are often hired immediately. A lot of employees who have been hired through the help of a hotel management institute also find work in hotels in other cities.

Before you sign up for any training program at a hotel management institute, it is important to check the accreditation of the institution. The best part about enrolling yourself at UEI Global is that they offer financial assistance via scholarship to students. Tuition at a hotel management institute is usually affordable. It is possible to complete your studies at an economical pace.

You should also keep in mind the time schedule of the institute. A large part of your studies will be done on-the-job training. The program may be a little tiring if you have to spend a lot of time on campus. If you are self-employed or have other responsibilities at home, you should check whether you can squeeze your studies in. Sometimes institutes give the option to the employee to set their own pace. It may be more comfortable for you to take one course in the morning, another in the evening, and another during weekends.

The coursework at a hotel management institute may be limited but it will provide you with practical experience that you can apply on your career. Some institutes may even award you with an associate’s degree after your course has been completed. Once you get an associate’s degree, you can consider yourself as a well-trained professional who has taken a step forward on the road to a successful career in hotel management.

If you have recently completed your 12th standard, then you must opt for degree in hotel management in Chandigarh from UEI Global, rated as Top Hotel Management Institute by CSR, The Week, India Today and many more.