Social Media Management for App Launch: The Do’s and Don’ts

Social Media Management for App Launch: The Do’s and Don’ts

There are over five-and-a-quarter billion social media accounts running worldwide. You can understand why businesses aim to fish in this ocean, as there is so much to catch.

Although, if you want to bring social media users to you, do you know what you should be doing and why?

To help you plan social media management for an app launch, we have provided several dos and don’ts. Each of these is a tip you can plan for and make sure you have the best chance of engaging with your potential customers.

Do Identify Your Target Audience

Make sure you know who you want to be talking to.

This can help you use the right tone and talk about things that appeal to those you want to use your app.

Do Create Engaging Content

There is no point in posting for the sake of it. Make sure what you create is either:

  • Entertaining your target audience
  • Informative to users
  • Inspiring people
  • Connecting with customers

These four things are the baseline of engaging content and can help people resonate with what you create.

Do Respond to Your Followers

Do not be too quiet.

Make sure to build a personable brand by talking to customers on their level in the voice you plan for your brand.

Do Analyse the Metrics

You will want to know how well your social media marketing is going as soon as you post anything. For this reason, you need to record and review your social media metrics, so you can pivot your communication where necessary.

If you are not sure how to implement analytics features, you might need someone who can help you out. Companies like can work with you in the run-up to an app launch to help get you off the ground. Their articles can even help you out when it comes to things like social media marketing and other development speed bumps.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

You need to be planning your social media push as early as possible.

It needs to be in sync with both your brand and your app, and you need to give your social media team enough time to plan for a timeline of content.

Do Not Try to Engage With All Platforms

You do not need to use every social media platform. If you try, you will have too much to handle.

Instead, focus on a few that are likely to get you the biggest bang for your buck.

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