How to Increase Snapchat Score Fast?

How to Increase Snapchat Score Fast?

The majority of users using Snapchat are active on it almost daily as using Snapchat can be a thrill. But, there are still many users who are not aware of what a snap score is and how to get your snap score up. You will get the answer to these questions in this blog in detail so we would ask our users to stick to this blog till the end to get to know the answers. 

If you come across a hack that claims that it can help you increase the snap scores then let us tell you that any such thing is not possible and there is no way of hacking it so you better not fall for these scams. Also, to download Snapchat you must avoid using various sites and other platforms as the official app store are the only validated platform that is safe to download Snapchat. 

Now, let us see where the users can find their snap scores so that they can know and then see what their snap score is for this there are certain steps which are mentioned below for the users. 

Steps to find snap chat score – 

  • The first step will be to launch the Snapchat app on the device which you are using and then press on the profile icon which you see at the top left corner of the screen.  
  • Under the profile icon, the users will be able to see a bitmoji below which you will find a number. This number which you find below the bitmoji is your snap score. 
  • When you will click on it you will see it getting divided into two sections of sent and received snaps and this is the answer to how does snapscore work.

Activities which will raise your snap score – 

Now, the users know where they can find the snap score so let us now move ahead to know how to make your snap score go up for this purpose there are certain activities that are going to help the users, and below we are going to see those activities. 

  • You will get points only when you will send and receive snaps so you do not need to waste your time sending normal snap messages. 
  • If you are watching stories of your friends then let us tell you that it is not going to help you, however, if you will put up your stories then it might help you increase your score. 
  • After you have been inactive on Snapchat, you will be rewarded with some extra snaps when you start sending snaps again from your account. 

Ways to increase the snap score on your account –

Now, after having a basic idea about the snap scores, let us move to our ultimate goal which is to find out ways for how to raise snap score. 

  1. The first way is to keep sending more and more snaps which will eventually increase your snap score for you. 
  2. You can add more and more friends to your account so that you can send snaps to them and they can also send snaps to you which will increase your score for you. 
  3. Along with sending snaps, you are also supposed to keep on opening your snaps regularly which will help you more to increase your snap chat score. 

Even though there is no strong or valid information about how snap chat increases the score still trying the ways which we have mentioned above for you are surely going to help you increase your snap chat score for your account.

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