Register for a Domain with Bitcoin

Register for a Domain with Bitcoin

When we say domain we basically talk about the address to a website. A domain name is the website address that leads the user to a certain website. Computers in the whole world create a giant network where every computer can connect with the other. IP address helps to point out a specific computer. But it is tough to remember IP addresses as these are mere compositions of numbers. The domain name was actually created to make it easier to search for the required website.

Domain vs web hosting

If we take the domain name to be the address of the website, web hosting can be compared to the home. Web hosting is the actual computer where the files from the website are stored. Though these two are necessary for registering for a domain, these two are completely different services. One can even work with two different companies for these two services. Getting both these services from the same company is helpful as you can very easily operate under the same account.

Types of domain names

Different extensions are available for domain names. TLD or Top Level Domains are listed at the top of the domain name system. The most popular of domain names are .net, .com and .org. Country-specific domain names are called ccTLD which end with country-code extensions like .in and .uk. TLDs having sponsors representing a community are called TLDs. These end with .gov for government, .edu for education-related institutions, and many more.

Domain names can be brought from registrars. You need a web hosting account for hosting services. There are hosting services out there that offer domain registration as well. It is comparatively easier to manage when you work with the same provider. Choose provides offering bitcoin dedicated servers to pay with bitcoin for domain registration and keep your identity hidden for privacy purposes.

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