Reasons to Choose Permanent Steel Buildings

Reasons to Choose Permanent Steel Buildings

Are you looking for additional space for your business or even personal use? Do you want a building solution that is quick to install? You should then consider permanent steel buildings to meet your urgent space needs. Unlike conventional brick-and-mortar or concrete structures, durable steel structures have many benefits. Unfortunately, most people and Entertainment businesses have no knowledge of long-lasting steel buildings and those who do usually know about temporary steel structures only.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider permanent steel buildings for your space needs:

Fast installation

Very often, a business owner needs extra space urgently, for example, to store buffer stocks to meet demand during low production months. They may also need buildings to stock excess products or raw materials when they are cheap or to complete unusual orders. Such urgent needs may not allow time for the construction of a brick structure. It is in such instances that permanent steel buildings come in handy.

These steel structures are easy and fast to assemble because all of the parts are pre-fabricated in the factory before being transported to the assembly site. Once the pieces get to the site, they are assembled to form a complete structure in a hassle-free way—when the right experts are handling the work. And the good thing is that the manufacturers are always ready to help install the building.

Highly Customizable

The users or buyers of permanent steel buildings can make special requests as they order their structures, and the manufacturers design them to fit their needs. The makers can easily customize them to match the buyers’ needs, so you rarely find ready-made steel structures because they are made to order. So, if you want steel buildings for use as a retail store, or garages for an automotive business, or any other use, you can contact Smart-Space, and they will make them suit your needs.

Smart-Space is the leading temporary buildings supplier in the UK but it also produces bespoke permanent steel buildings for various industries. Its experience in the industry spans over 30 years, and it has an untainted reputation for delivering top-notch building solutions.


Every business seeks to cut costs. Buildings are some of the costliest projects that companies will ever undertake. Luckily, permanent steel buildings come as a big relief to businesses looking to get extra space. Taking the route of erecting steel structures is choosing cost savings, compared to building brick. Besides, the metallic structures do not need so much site preparation, requiring a less costly foundation and fewer days to construct. Since the parts are pre-engineered, they take a short time to assemble, need less labour, and cut costs massively. Additionally, the metal used guarantees durability and owners pay far lower insurance premiums.

Durable and energy-efficient 

Steel structures also have an advantage over brick structures in that they can be easily insulated by using higher gauge steel wall panels and roof panels. The customer specifications determine the steel gauge. The roof can also come with a clear roof-light panel to allow natural daylight to get in and cut lighting expenses. Due to insulation and natural lighting, the building needs less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting.

Permanent steel buildings last longer than wood-framed buildings used in many countries. Compared to wood, steel does not rot, shrink or have mould growing on it, weakening the structure. It is also safe from attack from ants or termites. Moreover, structures made from steel can withstand fires, earthquakes, and many other natural disasters.


Businesses and individuals in need of space can find permanent steel buildings as their best option. The structures are fast to install, affordable, customizable, weatherproof, and versatile. Buying them from the most reliable manufacturers guarantees durability and reliability.

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