Reasons Why Smartphone Cameras are Becoming Better than DSLRs

Reasons Why Smartphone Cameras are Becoming Better than DSLRs

Over the years, cameras on smartphones have gone from being mere novelties to all-out professional grade cameras to capture the perfect images. By the year 2015, the world had all but forgotten the digital camera to take a good photograph. In that year, the majority of global photographs taken (some 1 trillion) were taken through smartphones.

How often do you see people hold them up to capture scenes? There’s one being taken every few seconds all over the world! This trend caught digital camera manufacturers on the wrong foot, but it’s easy to see why you’d reach for your smart Vivo Y17 phone to take a shot.

Why Photography Buffs Love Camera Phones

Basically, convenience and a user-friendly mechanism makes the smartphone the best option for photography. The smartphone itself has become something of a necessity to help people through their daily lives. With the evolution of phones, came the development of everything on the phone (or in it). As phones got more high-tech, so did the cameras in them.

Today, every segment of society owns a smartphone. This is because you can find price segments to suit every buyer. Mid-range and budget phones are very popular among the youth. With the advent of social media, and youngsters having to “post” pictures on many platforms, photography has taken the world by storm. In the best camera phone under 20000 INR, you can get a camera that takes impressive pictures that can be tweaked and modified before you post them, say on Facebook or Instagram.

Versatile Cameras

Smartphones have all but revolutionized the workflow of the photographic process. When you take photos with a regular digital camera, there’s a lot of effort involved, not to mention a complicated number of steps to go through. It’s noteworthy to state here that DSLRs are very costly as well, and you’d much rather spend your hard-earned cash on a device that not only takes great pictures, but works as an all-round communication and entertainment source.

With cloud-connected smartphones such as the Vivo Y17, along with cloud sites for sharing photographs, it’s no longer required to upload photos onto a PC, organize them manually, finally process them and then share them. You can share photos when they’re taken, it’s that fast, in seconds. There’s no tedious set up. The allure of selfies also catapulted the smartphone camera to reach new heights of advancement, compelling brands to make more professional cameras with wider angles on the phone.

The Best Cameras on Phones

The swift rise of photography on smartphones made people more intrigued by the photographs they were taking, and the specs and features that made it possible on smartphones. Users have become more demanding over the years, and brands have had to respond by emphasizing (and investing) in camera improvement and processing systems for photography on smartphones.

The Vivo Y17 has an AI triple camera set-up at the back that takes photographic masterpieces. You can get wider angles and great depth in photographs in portrait or landscape modes. The ultra wide angle AI camera expands views to 120 degrees to enable you to capture more landscape space. For incredible selfies, you can use the 20MP front camera. If you can use cameras so efficiently on a mid-range smartphone, think of what you can do with flagship phones!

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