Pastebin-Best Pastebin Alternative Sites 2022


The Pastebin is a site that provides you to store chunk of text for some time. The Pastebin simply allow you to easily paste code either you share it with others. Without the help of coders, the people use it to share their text every day in more easily and comfort way. It’s a very helpful tool for saving something like text. It can check it instantly something. You want to share it with others; it might be sending it in seconds. No need for spending extra time for it.

The Pastebin is very attracted formatted. In the earlier time, people committed many feedbacks about the Pastebin that pastebin is not user-friendly because it is for everybody not for any special person.

Best Pastebin Alternatives for the users

There are many other pastebin alternatives. Every site contains different program. Now we will discuss about the best pastebin alternatives that you can use.


JsFiddle is a best Pastebin alternative. This site is specially designed for Javascript/CSS or HTML coding etc. There are several options to test or run you’re coding before saving it. You have not only an option of copy or paste the text but you are also being able to adjust the format of your code. After the use of these things, your site looks neat. You are able to getting the additional access to the various libraries such as jQuery. You can also customize the environment that lets you code frankly.

If you forget your code that you save earlier then the website creates a backup automatically. So that your working does not disturbed in which the happened such as blue screen or in a situation of the power cut. And you can do your work without any hesitation or restriction.

GitHub Gist

The GitHub Gist is one of the best Pastebin alternatives. The GitHub Gist is a part of the GitHub where you can share or paste code snippets. You should be a GitHub member if you are a programmer. Because here you can easily share or paste the code snippets. The GitHub is usable and repository. The GitHub is specifies or make easier your work so that you can easily share all the codes, you want to share. You have to still create your own gist or share the code snippets without the help of others, if you are not a member of the GitHub. Although all the other people will be the anonymous gist. It is one of the best and better clean interfaces. With easier to use the site instantly and instantly save or share your snippet or code too.


Here is another Pastebin alternative site called the TextBin. The TextBin is one of the best sites in the Pastebin alternative. The TextBin has the entire thing that can be needed to the people. You can use the TextBin if you want to share your code or syntax then TextBin is the better option you have. You can share a code or syntax highlight in accordance to the code. Besides these, the TextBin has many other features too. The features include setting a password or expiry and sharing the level. In this site, each and every paste can be set or load raw. The IMO is doing well and better as compare to the Pastebin site. It does not contain any kind of adds. The interface of this site is very easy to use. The fonts are enough big or large to read as you want.

JS Bin

The JS Bin is a best site and it is web developing debugging tool. This site is best Pastebin alternative. The JS Bin contains almost all the features of the ideal Pastebin. Although, it has several features but one of its best or effective feature is that you are able to debug the Ajax calls and you can remote the render output of the JS Bin. You can write save code in the exact or real time. The JS Bin revolves through the Javescript. It can also revolve around the CSS. But it revolves around the CSS mainly. Actually, it was launch, in order to help the people to test their snippets with the help of the debugging feature. With the help of the simple feature of debugging.

Paste FS

The Paste FS site is better than other types of paste sites. This site has many additional or advanced features as compare to the other sites. The Paste FS is considered in one of the best sites. This site is also a Pastebin alternative. With the help of this site, you can save your files and videos on this site. You can also save your any sort of private or public media. As we talk about other sites, we are getting bore with only one feature of saving text. Now there is another option of saving files or others type of media. The Paste FS has only one different feature as compare to other sites that it serves its users with the unlimited space. The Paste FS is totally secured. This site is secured with SSL. This site is secured so that the users maintain their privacy and also the users ensure their communication however the site is private or not. This site shows many ads that can irritate you a little bit. This is the feature that lacking you site. You must use this site when you have to paste something with some files.


The Ideone is also included in the best sites. The Ideone is also the best alternative paste. The Ideone is considered as a mini-Debugger or as a compiler for all the programmers almost in the whole world. This site supports up to 60+ programming languages. The Ideone is running on a Sphere Engine. The Sphere Engine allows the user to communicate in a full runtime of environment in a very secure way. It is very easy to use for the users or very interactive. The way of using it is very simple. You should select a programming language, receive you source code and its perfectly done. But is only for the programmers not for everyone or anyone.