Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your 2d Animation Look Amazing

Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your 2d Animation Look Amazing

There is a common misconception going around in the heads of the beginner animators that animation is quite hard to learn. However, in real life, it is not true. It depends on your approach, whether you are starting with the basics or jumping straight to 3D animations. As long as your aim is to start is with the basics and make your way up to 3D animations, you are fine. But if you are planning on learning 3D animations first, here is a bubble popper; you are going to face many hindrances. If you are looking for someone to guide you throughout the learning process, internet is full of multifarious tutorials and online lessons regarding animations. It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to learn animation on your own or with the aid of a 3rd party. If animation is a new domain to you, then you might want to google animation tutorials because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

If you want your animation to be unique and stand out, remember not to overdo the scene with unnecessary dramatism, I.e.; not to make your scene over dramatic. If your aim is to create compelling animation, the secret in doing so is to blow life into your characters and make their expressions so lifelike that they would deliver the message without even having to speak.

Why is animation important?

From the early stages of the 20th century, animations have been used for various purposes like propaganda, entertainment, education, business and more. As years went by, animation grew from messed up drawings to overnight illustration which lays out the modern world when it comes to storytelling. Considering how animated videos have various unique abilities such as, best in conveying the message, influences the viewer’s decision, educates the audience, and the best one is that these videos can be optimized according the search engine.

5 secrets which will make your 2D animation look amazing.

The tips mentioned below will massively aid you in creating your dream animation, compelling and appealing. It will also help in reducing the work load and to avoid any convolution regarding the process.

  1. Get inspired by real life.

Videos portraying real life situations can come in handy as animators have a tendency to use references while creating an animation. For instance, if your wish is to make an animated character, then you should consider how an actual human works i.e., the way he walks, talks etc. Try to imitate these acts as this would bring liveliness into your character. Subtle gestures and poses plays a major role in a successful animated video.

  1. Use a basic model and do not go for motion capture.

If you choose a high-definition model instead of opting for a basic model, the possibility of your poor decision to slow down your entire animated process is quite high. This will eventually lead to some frames being invisible whilst the animation in real-time is playing. To avoid such a hassle, using a simple 3D model is highly recommended. Motion capture is a technique where the movements and actions of your figure is being recorded to form a video. However, as the traditional method of capturing motion have proved to be more reliable, it is recommended to hand draw the motions instead of implementing this technique.

  1. Opt for the shark fin curve.

Try using the shark fin curve when creating facial expressions. It is mostly used for representing rapid facial movements. Use only 1 or 2 frames when creating facial expressions. However, if the demand of spacing allows you to increase the threshold then use only 3 frames, no more than that.

  1. Maintain the flow of motions.

Jerky motions often ruin the scenario as they lay down an offsetting vibe. Beginner animators often make the mistake of using too much jerky motions and it breaks the flow without the animator even realizing it. Throughout the video, try to maintain the consistency of illusion as if the viewers are watching the character having its own life. Keep your transitions seamless and fluent throughout the video.

  1. Mute unnecessary dialogues and seek feedback.

Silencing the characters is more common than you think it would be. Professional animators listen to audio over and over again and once done with the animation, they turn the audio back on and carry out the revisions whilst the audio is being played. This eventually gives a professional look to your custom explainer video. As soon as you are done with everything and have the entire video on your phone go around and ask your friends and family for feedback. It will dignify your work and you will have a general idea of where you stand in the market.

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