Important Design Term that you Should Know

Important Design Term that you Should Know

Well, the design is never an easy task. Designers need to go through a lot of things to make it perfect. From research until the final design, there are plenty of crucial stages that you need to take care of.

Undeniably, in this digital world, visual content is much more effective to communicate with an audience for the business. Specifically, for marketing purposes, there is no more effective tool than design. It easily grabs the attention of the users.

That’s the reason why companies are investing a lot of money and effort to craft logo design. A well-created professional logo design gives your brand a unique identity to differentiate it from others. However, to make it as per the brand’s personality, designers need to work hard. There are some design terms that you must know. So, let’s discuss those.

01. Rule of thirds

It’s a technique designers follow to find the focal point in the design. Draw the horizontal and vertical lines and when these lines intersect is the focal point. The intersection points are the most observed areas of the design, so if you want to place any important element then choose it.

02. Kerning

Simply, kerning is nothing but the space between the consecutive letters, numbers, or characters in the professional logo design. Sometimes, you may observe the design with more or less space between the letters but the kerning makes it visually appealing.

03. Hierarchy

Another very popular design term that designers should know. The proper arrangement of elements is necessary to make it look aesthetic. It must be organized as per the importance, like level by level. That might have been observed in the newspaper, website, and many more places. The most important will be bold and at the top of the page and likewise other elements.

04. White space

White space is also known as negative space. It is left unused in the logo design. Usually, designers put some space in between the images, icons, text, or any other element to make it visible. The ultimate goal of white space is to enhance the legibility of the overall design.

Moreover, with the creativity of the designer, you can make your professional logo design meaningful. A lot of popular companies have followed this concept.

05. Typography

Typography is the style of words. The typography is always an important part of the design. If you have written the brand name, then it is important to choose the most appropriate font that suits the professional logo design and hold the personality of the brand.

The right use of typography is important to make your design appealing. Even each typography has some meaning behind it that you need to take care of before using it.

06. Ascender

Ascender is a part of the lowercase that extends above the x-height. Some of the examples of ascenders are b, d, f, etc.

07. Descender

As the name suggests, the descender is completely opposite of the ascender. It’s the lowercase that extends that below the x-height. Some of the popular g, j, p, etc.

08. Palette

Well, colors are always an important part of the design. There is a wide range of colors available to choose from the palette. Here, you can find the most perfect combination of colors from the palette.

Color has the power to take your design to the next level and grab the attention of the users. In your custom logo design, make sure you choose the right color and combinations of it.

09. Alignment

Another widely used term among designers. It’s all about lining up the various design elements properly to make it balance and a logical layout. Basically, there are four alignment centers, left, right, and justified.

10. Legibility

No matter how nicely you have designed, until and unless it does fulfill the criteria of legibility, everything is useless. Make sure that the font or letter you have used in the professional logo design is visible properly and easy to distinguish from each other.

Wrapping up

Undoubtedly, to make a successful design, the consideration of all the design terms is necessary. It’s the designer’s responsibility to make the best use of all of these in the design to give an aesthetic look. The above-mentioned points are some of the most popular terms that designers need to use frequently. The right use of it makes your design perfect.

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