How to Test your Computer’s RAM for Problems?

How to Test your Computer’s RAM for Problems?

Know about RAM

RAM is short-term memory. It stores the data temporarily and is super-fast.

The data goes when you switch off the computer. It is ideal for those applications that are running currently. It is fast.

The data can be processed within a few seconds with RAM. Depending on your work, you can increase the RAM.

Symptoms of a problem in RAM

Before showing the problem, RAM starts showing some symptoms. After noticing the following changes, you must be sure that you need to fix the problem.

Timely finding a solution to the problem might save you from a big loss. Therefore, make sure you don’t see the following symptoms, and when seen, do not ignore them.

  1. Your computer runs well initially later; it starts taking time to load websites. This might be frequent or for some time. Its frequency increases when you start ignoring.

The websites might take more than a minute, and that is not normal. Such a situation comes only when there is a problem with memory.

  1. While working, you will see a random restart of your computer. It might freeze suddenly. After opening the desktop, the computer might restart. This indicates a problem in RAM.
  2. You might see a blue screen before restarting. The screen will have some text. Due to this blue screen, you will not be able to read the text.

Blue-screen errors come when there is a problem in RAM.

  1. Your files will start getting corrupted that you use frequently. The structure of the file in the hard drive will start changing, and later you will not be able to boot your system.

This problem gets worst if a solution is not found.

  1. You will face a problem when installing a new program. It will fail for unknown reasons. It will not work even with repeated efforts.

Mainly these are some common symptoms; you might see some other as well.

Reasons for the problem in RAM

Here some reasons for the problem with RAM.

  • Heat affects the RAM and results in its wearing out.
  • Overclocking of a part of the computer also causes the problem in RAM.
  • Electrostatic discharge is harmful to the computer. You need to be careful to prevent harm.
  • When the computer is not plugged into the surge protector, power surges occur then affect RAM.

Test for computer RAM

After noticing the symptoms, it is better to test the RAM to check whether it is fine or not. There are two ways.

Use software or open the computer and switch the RAM.

An appropriate way is to open the system and take out a stick of RAM and check whether the problem remains. In case you have two sticks, take out one, and then restart the computer.

Apply this with the second stick. Apply the same procedure if you have more sticks. Before using another computer’s stick, make sure it is compatible with your computer.

Other than physical ways, there are software and tools that can help you out

  • Windows memory diagnostic tool

Build it into windows. Click on the administrative tool. You can also type the word memory after opening the control panel. The link to diagnose your computer’s memory problem will appear.

After this, you can choose between restart or run the test. The problem will be shown in the status field.

  • Memtest86

It works well and is one of the common to check the problem. Version 5.1 is the latest one.

Burn the ISO image in the CD, and then your computer will boot from the CD. It is somewhere identical to the functioning of the memory diagnostics tool.

Memtest86 has all inbuilt. It works for Mac and Linux computers also. You will see options after booting is done on CD.

The memory test will start, and errors will be detected. It takes time to run because it has a bunch of memory tests. Though there are other tools, memtest86 is accurate.

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With many computers, it is difficult to diagnose problems because they have multiple RAM chips.

Whenever there is a problem with your computer’s RAM, your computer starts showing some uncommon signs. Remove the RAM. Otherwise, the problem will increase with the same RAM.

If you ignore the symptoms, it will be more difficult for you to work on your computer. You might not be able to access the files that you use the most.

You need to consider the factors also that leads to the problem.

Moreover, your computer will be damaged badly. Therefore, it is suggested to quickly fix the problem after diagnosing it.

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