How To Choose The Best Android Developer

How To Choose The Best Android Developer

The android developer market is massive, and it can be hard to find the right developer for your application to fulfil your particular needs and bring your application in the most efficient way possible. Here are some tips along with how to avoid the possible risks of making a bad decision.

Define detailed requirements:

To start, this is a very important aspect, as mobile applications are much diversified and require a different skillset. You will find developers specializing in a given technology by identifying elements that are critical for your project. In general, you can find out if you need professionals with expertise in several trending environments.

Ask questions:

According to your requirements for custom android app development, ask questions related to the things which can be considered for your project. Questions may be written down to help you better understand essential information that might apply to your project. Think of asking a few problem-solving questions. One that could contribute to the development phase of your android application now or in the future as well as ask questions focus on issues the team has faced prior.

Check Portfolio: 

It is beneficial to understand that many devices running on android usually operate on the least two applications that should be available in the google play store. But it is not the number of applications that are published, what depends is their quality of work.

What to search for in the best Android Developer?

There is an ever and quickest range of skillset of a great android developer. Look for the following keys and qualifications. Here are some following key skills and qualifications if you want to employ a developer who is capable of designing the interface.

Technical Excellence: 

As these are the core of android application coding, a developer must be well skilled in programming languages like JAVA and understand the fundamentals of XML. Android software development kits (SDKs), workshops, and API can also show hands-on skills.

Skills in Layout: 

An application’s UI/UX is essentially eligible for its performance or failure. For a developer, design skills are especially relevant.

Interaction ability: 

A developer, both written and verbal, must be comfortable in interacting with both professional and non-technical team members. Furthermore, they need to be able to comprehend the directions and interpret the specifications of the application.

Problem Solving: 

Troubleshooting problems that occur during the mobile application development process are a big part of the position of the developer. They need to be able to understand the concern and have the expertise to fix them.

Cooperative skills: 

For a design project to be successful, a developer must be able to work effectively with different team members and participants.

Some mistakes made by developers

As application developers rush to get to the market, the android application development domain is experiencing massive competitiveness. Android programmers need to be innovative when designing their applications when striving for quicker production times to stay ahead in such a competitive environment. Following are some common mistakes that are made by android developers:

  • Implementing for iOS: Features of android differ from the features of iOS.
  • Re-written existing code.
  • Compatibility: Make sure you respond to the mobile application so that the application viewer will have no trouble seeing the layout.
  • Not using fragments: Fragments here are in the sense of user interface actions in the answer of any operation. If the fragments are missed, then the client’s attention will be lost.
  • Blocked main thread: if the main thread will be blocked, the user interface will no more be responsive.
  • Poor usage of bitmaps.

Mistakes can be made in many instances. Learning from errors can improve the performance of an android developer.

Some best android application development tools (2021)

Mobile development tools are software developed to make custom android app development. Following are some popular tools:

Android Studio:

Android studio is google-constructed android development software. Its implementation editor is very useful. Android studio offers coding and design shortcuts, and the interface designer makes it very convenient to use, helping to reduce the time spent on coding. To design the layout of your projects, the android studio also provides drag and drop features.

Android SDK: 

This is the software development kit that contains all the required libraries to create android applications. It also provides additional developers tools for android that can be used to debug, compile, and more.


Xamarin is software that lets you use Microsoft’s visual studio to create an android application. This appeals not only to those who like C# coding rather than java but is also extremely useful as a bridge tool, seeing as it can even create applications for iOS and even windows.


AppWatch is a mobile analytics and cloud-based security product. This allows users to shield their mobile devices from being hacked. It builds trust from the user and ensures that the application remains stable.


It is important to choose the right developer to create a good Android application. Choose wisely keeping your requirements and budget in mind. You can point out the mistakes that should not be made and suggest software for the development.

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