How to Backup Netgear Orbi Router Settings?

How to Backup Netgear Orbi Router Settings?

Is your Netgear Orbi router performing just the way you wanted? If yes, you must back up its configuration settings. It is going to come in handy in case you ever reconfigure your Orbi router and want to restore the same settings of your router. In short, you get to enjoy the same Orbi router performance even after setting up your router again.

So, if you want to backup Netgear Orbi router settings, you should read the following points. These will take you through each point crucial to doing the backup. With that being said, let’s move further. By the time you reach the end, you are going to have a better insight into how to backup your router settings. Keep reading.

Backing Up Netgear Orbi Router Settings

Turn on Orbi Router

Plug your Orbi router into a power source and press the power button. Make sure the socket is in good condition. Apart from that, the router must get a consistent power supply when you are backing up the settings of your Orbi router.

In case the switchboard that you chose is blackened or shows a sign of short-circuit, you must choose another outlet.

Link With Modem

The next step consists of connecting the Netgear Orbi router and the host modem. Your router needs to get access to the internet. That is why the connection between the devices is so crucial. There are two options to link the router and modem.

Firstly, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect the router and modem. Secondly, a wireless connection can also be used to link the devices. No matter which method you use, the connection should be stable. That is only when you can access the Netgear Orbi login page.

Choose Ideal Location

Selecting the ideal location to place your Orbi router will be your next step. To begin with, always choose the central location in your house to set the router. Various objects in your house are poor conductors of wireless frequencies.

Therefore, you must place the Orbi router away from microwaves, fish tanks, metal objects, refrigerators, T.V., baby monitors, etc. Moreover, you should never set the router in a corner or wall cabinets. This will limit the range of WiFi signals emitted from the Orbi router.

Launch Web Browser

Turn on your computer by plugging it into a power socket. Once the PC is stable, launch a web browser. The chosen web browser has to be up to date. Also, it must be compatible with the latest software on your computer or laptop.

A few examples of good web browsers are Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, etc. If you are already using a pre-installed web browser, clear its cookies and cache files. Furthermore, the web browser should be stable during the whole process of backing up Netgear Orbi router settings.

Enter Default URL

To access the Netgear Orbi login page, you need to enter the default router web address. So, click on the Address Bar of the chosen web browser. You should avoid typing in the default URL in the Search Bar. Also, make sure you don’t commit any mistakes while typing in the default URL address.

Apart from that, turn off the Caps Lock keys while entering the web address in the address bar. Once you are done typing in the address, press the Enter key.

Do Orbi Login

The NetgearOrbi login page opens after you press the Enter key. So, you further need login details to do the Orbi login. The login details are case-sensitive. Hence, always keep the Caps Lock keys turned off when you enter the login credentials.

In case you don’t know your login details, refer to the Orbi user manual. If you haven’t customized the Orbi router login credentials, use the default login details.

Access Backup Settings

You get a basic home screen after logging into the Orbi router. Click on Advanced settings and move to Administration. From there, access Backup Settings. After that, tap on the Back-Up option to save your router settings.

Save File

When you save settings, choose a local folder on your computer. After choosing the desired location, the file starts downloading. You can access it anytime to restore your settings.


When you back the Orbi router configuration settings, you can restore them even after doing an Orbi factory reset. In short, you can always have the best router performance. Just make sure you follow the right steps so that you don’t face any issues.

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