How do you keep bugs out of your hammock?

How do you keep bugs out of your hammock?

With the sun shining again and the ominous dark cloud leaving the sky, it’s time to dust off that hammock and go for ideal camping. Oh, you don’t have a hammock, and are you still relying on the tent culture of camping? Didn’t you hear? Hammocks have become the new normal for campers and hikers. They are more comfortable, cozier, lightweight, and easier to assemble in comparison to tents. Teton Hammock Company builds high-quality hammocks that can perform even in the harshest weather.

But many people have queries related to hammocks, and one of the most common ones is how to take care of bugs? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

The best way to bug-proof your hammock

With the weather getting warmer and the temperature crossing the cozy limit, mosquitos come out of their hiding spot to play and make our life miserable. Mosquitos are completely inactive during winters, and they go into hibernation. But as the temperature rises, mosquitos come out with full force. 

So, if you are going to camp when the weather is warm, you can use the following ways to bug-proof your hammocks. 

Use a jungle hammock. 

A jungle hammock features a built-in hammock bug net, and this is what makes them unique from the regular hammocks you see in the market. Using a hammock with a mosquito net, you won’t have to worry about bugs entering your hammock as they help keep the bug at bay even in the buggiest conditions. 

But if you can’t afford a jungle hammock, you can opt for a parachute hammock. The parachute hammocks are the same as a jungle net, but instead of built-in mosquito nets, the mosquito net is attached to the hammock. 

A hammock with a mosquito net is your best option to keep the bug away from your hammock. And you don’t even need to spend a fortune to buy a hammock with a mosquito net since they are pretty cheap. 

Use especially designed mosquito nets.

If you are not in the mood to buy a new hammock just for the sake of staying safe from bugs, you can buy a mosquito net especially designed for hammocks. With the influx of hammocks in the market, many companies have come up with mosquito nets specially designed for hammocks. The basic concept of all these bug nets is almost the same. 

The hammock is strung through the mosquito net with the help of two openings on both ends. In this case, you have to use the ridgeline for suspending the mosquito net, and the zipper is used to get in and out of the mosquito net. 

A good quality mosquito net can provide you 360-degree protection from mosquitoes and every type of bug out there in the jungle. The best part about buying a different mosquito net is you can prevent bugs from landing on the outer layer of the hammock. This minimizes the chances of critters biting through the fabric, regardless of its thickness. 

Use permethrin 

If you want to sleep under the stars and don’t wish any type of bug net to come in between you and the open sky, you may need to treat all your equipment with permethrin. This synthetic molecule is almost similar to pyrethrum, a completely natural compound found in the famous chrysanthemum flowers. 

The best thing about permethrin is that it repels bugs, even kills mosquitoes, and doesn’t have any side effects on humans. 

Dealing with bugs and mosquitos might be the most irritating part of camping, but there are many ways through which you can keep the bugs away. All the three tips mentioned in this blog post are not only effective, but they are easy on your pocket as well. 

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