Here’s How You Should Spend Your Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

Here’s How You Should Spend Your Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

It doesn’t matter that for how long you have been dating someone and how have you been celebrating the past Valentines together. Pandemic of coronavirus has turned everything upside down. This year your plans may get disturb due to the lockdowns and closure of restaurants.

In the light of ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, people are cancelling their traveling plans; companies are implementing work from home mode, and everyone is trying to home as much as possible! In such scenarios, how come is this possible to spend the upcoming Valentines outside in some fancy restaurant or in a five star hotel?

Due to coronavirus pandemic; tourism, travel, business, economic, and educational sector have been adversely impacted.

In this way, the events and festivities have also been affected. Due to the origination of another variant of COVID-19, it has become a lot more difficult in 2021 for people to attend different events and go to each other’s places.


As the events are round the corner, Valentine’s Day is one of them and people are all prepping for it. The day is mainly associated with the expression of love and affection towards our loved ones. Also, it is highly recommended to come up with some gifts for our partner. This can make him/her very happy.

People think that it is usually the smallest thing that counts for the Valentine’s Day however; some believes that the grand gestures would go all perfect. Well, this doesn’t matter as long as you are with your favorite person.

A sweet and thoughtful created with so much efforts and love can never take you wrong on valentine. Also, you can create a bouquet or a flower as a gift to your partner to showcase your love and romantic emotions.

This year, Valentine’s Day is going to be quite different. We all are going to stay at our homes and maybe we have to present our Valentine’s Day gifts to our partner right by being at our place.

Does your honey love to have bed tea? Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed. You can also order your favorite meals from the nearest restaurant and enjoy the wintery evening.

If you are hustling to think about any idea for home-based valentine, then here you go. I have penned down 15 different ideas to spice up your Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Let’s have a look.

Cook special dinner together:

Nothing can beat the warmth of home-made meal. You both can together try new dishes for the evening. Grilled chicken, pizza fries, and cold drink can be a good option for you and you can try grilled chicken sandwiches at home.

Cheers to a night of celebration:

Who doesn’t want to have a romantic celebration of Valentine’s Day? A good bottle of wine can add a handful of romantic touch in your love life. Set up your own wine bar of two at home, it is also not highly expensive.

Movie night:

Arrange your own cinema theatre at home. Dim the lights and enjoy any love genre movie together into each other’s company. Netflix and Amazon Prime are also the perfect options. Enjoy your privacy together all being comfy and private with favorite snacks.

Bubble bath and massages:

Relaxing in a bubble bathtub together is also a recommended option for the couples. You can also arrange an in-house massage session for each other. Sounds relaxing, right? Couples can potentially save up to $100 – $400.

Work out together:

Try the yoga postures right at your home. You both can make a playlist of your favorite songs and then can hit up some fat-burning videos. Enjoy the workout together and celebrate your Valentine.

Make scrapbook of your relationship:

Go for the fun activity of making scrapbook together. In this way, you both would be able to revive your memories of first date.

Go for a drive:

If the weather is all good to go outside then you and your partner must bring out a celebrity jacket and opt for the driving option. Go together for a drive and have some coffee or ice cream together in the car. Valentine’s Day adventure must be full of life and activities you.

Write love letters and craft something together:

Get into the activity of writing love letters and crafting something together. It would be a fun thing to do so; you can try your hands on some DIY Valentine’s Day crafts. You can create a craft project or frames of different photos together.

Exchange heartfelt gifts:

Valentine’s Day is directly known for the gifts. You and your partner can share different gifts among each other. It can be a chocolate or a flower bouquet. Even perfumes or comfy pair of PJs will also look good.

Get closer with a bottle of wine:

Enjoy a day at home with your partner by having a bottle of wine with yourself- indeed a comfy treat for the Valentine’s Day evening.

Have a picnic at home:

Who doesn’t want to enjoy some good pleasant hours? Then get into the picnic at home. Arrange a bonfire at the backyard or have some fantastic meal at home.

Perform dance at home:

Skip the other traditional types of dinners and get into the free dancing class together. You both can dress up yourself and can enjoy some amazing dance moves with your partner. It will bring you close and also it is the creation of sweet memories.

Share a romantic night under the sky:

If the weather and conditions are good enough in your area then go for camping. Set a location from where you both could stare at the sky for some hours. Also, the stargazing applications can do wonder for you both.

Hit the baking ideas:

Getting into the idea of baking is definitely too good. Bake a chocolate cake and some cookies together and bright up your Valentine’s Day.

Do painting together:

Another nice way to make your Valentine go all perfect is to indulge yourself and your partner into the painting activity. An amazing way to share your creativity with each other!


Enjoying Valentine’s Day right at home in 2021 can be all fun and romantic as well. You just have to implement the ideas smartly to make your partner feel beloved!

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