Best Things to Do in Kerala, India

Best Things to Do in Kerala, India

A journey to Kerala without the Kerala backwaters will not be complete. The luxuriant palm-fringed landscape, diverse animals and houses, and towns that line the waters make a cruise on a houseboat like a journey to another world. It’s a calm effort that can certainly be a part of romantic places that’s unforgettable. Reserve your stay in a hotel or a hostess along the way to get into the culture of the inland lagoons, lakes and waterways.

Cruise the Backwaters on a Houseboat

Without the Kerala backwaters, a trip to Kerala isn’t complete. A luxuriant palm-lined landscape, diverse wilderness, and houses and towns that lined the backwaters seem like a journey into a home boat cruise. This is certainly a quiet effort that can be part of a romantic memorable getaway. Book a hotel or home on the road to experience the culture surrounding these lagoons, lakes and waterways inland.

Take a Traditional Village Tour

The famous backwaters of Kerala are dotted with vibrant villages and customs. It just stops for time to visit them. Enjoy dinner while you learn of their life stories with a local family. Kumbalanghi Village Tours offers group tours to Kumbalanghi on the outskirts of Kochi, a zone surrounded by paddy fields. Here you can look at India’s first fishing and tourism model village, and talk to the locals who live on farming and fishing.

Enjoy an Ayurvedic Treatment

Lifestyle practices are combined with yoga and healthy eating. Ayurveda is a former Indian healing practice which is over 5,000. Due to its warm climate and abundant supply of medicinal herbs, many Ayurvedic spas and resorts are located in Kerala. A journey to an Ayurvedic Healing Centre, where your liver is purging and the body is renewed, can involve a week’s stay and detox. Alternatively, you can buy any of their treatments, such as an oil massage, or a Shirodhara, which involves dripping warm oil on the brow. It is used for the treatment of insomnia, tinnitus, neurology, and psoriasis.

Enroll in a Cooking Lesson

Kerala is famous for its delicious cuisine with local specialities such as seafood and coconuts. And of course it’s nice to just have dinner with this Indian dish, but it is rewarding to learn how to cook and give you an ability to bring home. Register for a cooking class or arrange your trip by booking a residential programme that involves cooking classes and ayurvedic treatments for two or three days. For a more intimate experience, you can also go casually and learn how to cook with a local family.

Catch a Kathakali Performance

Kathakali is a very unusual and antique type of Kerala-style dance drama. And every day you’re not going to see such dressed performers! The complex costumes and subtle dance movements tell a meaningful story about Hindu mythology. Performers are intensively trained in the art of Kathakali, including hours of eye exercise. Stop at the Cultural Center of Cochin or the Kerala Kathakali Center to see a show. Or try a private tour through Kochi which ends in a dance performance by Kathakali.

Catch a Theyyam Ritual in Action

In a former trading port in northern Kerala, the small town of Kannur boasts isolated beaches, elaborate craftsmanship, and mysteriously masked rituals. This practice includes dancing, music, and mime to bring the rich history of Kerala to life. In fact, the form of the art is from November to May for a season. Kerala Tourism offers a comprehensive schedule or a guided tour of Kannur from Kannur overnight.

Watch the Martial Artform Kalaripayattu

The ancient martial art form in Kerala is Kalaripayattu. The roots can be traced back to 2000 B.C. with strikes, blowing, pre-established forms, weapons, and even healing methods. Participating in a 60-minute fighting event including the lighting of conventional lights, a deity-like flower offering, and a brief introduction to the sport. There will be no shortage of excitement with the incorporation of about 27 different weapons. Catch a performance at Thekkady’s Kadathanadan Kalari Center or book your Kochi Group Tour.

Watch a Snake Boat Race

Kerala comes alive with colourful snakeboat races each year during the mountain season. One-100-40-foot-long canoe boats with 110 rowers gather to run along inland waterways. Each village has its own snake boat, each with its own different sizes and styles. The building of boats is a unique part of the culture that connects community with water, together with the celebration event. Today, snake boat races with leagues and scheduled tournament can be compared to an Olympic event.

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