Best action Camera flashlight

Best action Camera flashlight

Do you ever feel like the low light has ruined your shot which could otherwise be amazing? That’s when an flashlight for action cameras helps you out! Flashlights are ideal for night-time shots that are captured by GoPro and other motion cameras. A high-quality flashlight can illuminate your subject with a wide and soft light, and allows you to record ultra-clear video.

In this article you’ll find out about the five top action camera flashlight for action cameras that can be used in night-time shots.

Neewer 20-LED Dimmable LED Flash Light

Compatible with the majority of action cameras, including all GoPros and the Suptig LED dimmable Video Light has stainless steel bodies. It’s extremely durable as well as water-proof (down up to 164’/50m). The Suptig LED flashlight is a great option for divers. It’s designed so that it will not rust, even in deep sea.

With 84 LEDs, and a wide-angle light (5000lux) The Suptig Light with 84 LEDs that can dim Light illuminates the entire space. It has four lighting options that will satisfy your needs in various environments: High light, mid-light, low light and SOS modes. With a single charge it can be used for approximately 2.5 minutes in the High-light mode. 3.5 minutes in the Mid-light mode five hours in low light modes, and approximately 9 hours when using SOS mode.

Compatible with All GoPro or other camera action, as well as DSLRs This Neewer Dimmable 20 LED FlashLights extremely bright with 700 lumens of output. It’s simple to put together and is able to shoot stunning scenes. It is waterproof up to 131’/40m, and comes with three color filters: white, orange and purple. These filters allow you to create stunning underwater photos.

Furthermore the action camera flashlight offers the choice of three modes of lighting that include High, Low, and SOS. It has a wide-angle design, and illuminates the entire area. Overall, it’s a fantastic purchase!

#3. HONGDAK Dimmable LED Night Light

Made of stainless steel and robust PC material This HONG DAK DimmableLED Video Night Light is particularly helpful to enhance the brightness of your footage from your night action camera. This light is compatible to all cameras that shoot action including GoPros as well as other cameras made by brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sony and more.

This flashlight made by HONGDAK has been certified water-proof (down to 45m/147′) and is perfect for diving with an action camera. It’s capable of reaching an output of up to 400 lumens. With the wide-angle lighting that covers the entire area of view of your camera is illuminated when you use this flashlight.

  1. GOPOLE Flare

Compatible with All GoPro HERO action cameras, the GOPOLE Flare is a compact and long-lasting LED light that can illuminate the entire surrounding area in the night. It can produce 30 lumens and provides three different lighting modes that include 100% brightness, 50 percentage brightness, and Strobe. find out action camera body mount

This GOPOLE Flare flashlight can be described as completely waterproof (down to 30m/98′). You can therefore capture stunning underwater photos when diving using you GoPro action camera and this flashlight.


Compatible with a range from action camera and DSLRs such as DJI Osmo, GoPro, Sony, Canon, and many more The ULANZI LED video light is ideal for video vlogging at night. With a built-in 2000mAh battery, you will get adequate runtime 120 minutes at maximum brightness and 300 minutes with minimal brightness – to record well-lit videos in low-light conditions.

This ULANZI LED Video Light has an adjustable 5500K color temperature which makes it perfect as a macro camera. It is important to note that, unlike many of the flashlights listed on this listing, this is not waterproof.

Tips for Shooting with Low Light

Capturing smooth and quiet footage in the dark or low-light conditions requires a lot of skill! Here are some helpful techniques to improve your skills in taking stunning low-light photos:

Enhance The Light Source of Your Home

It’s obvious! If you are in low light or at night using a source of light can be extremely beneficial to improve how you view your video. Make use of the flashlights for action cameras listed above to improve the quality of your nighttime photos.

Slow Camera Motions

If you move your camera fast during low-light shooting it is likely that the resultant footage is unappealing and grainy. In low light you must ensure that your camera’s movements slow and even.

Stabilize Your Action Camera

Although electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) does an excellent job of stabilizing footage but it does have the potential of making your video appear choppy. Therefore, instead of using your camera’s EIS you should consider using the Gimbal stabilizer. A quality gimbal will aid in getting the desired stability for smooth, smooth shots, without compromising the quality of your video.


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