Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Three Common Health Issues

Before, During, and After Pregnancy: Three Common Health Issues

Common Health Obstacles

Healthy pregnancies are common, so are those which feature certain complications. Diet, exercise, and mental stability contribute to healthy homeostasis; but no amount of health can prepare you for something like a stock market crash, or a car accident. The point is: sometimes circumstances in life contribute to difficulties that impact health.

With pregnancy, there are a lot of things that can happen which modern medicine may help you avoid, or manage. Granted, you always want to find trusted healthcare professionals. What that means for one woman may be different than what it means to another, but in either scenario, trust is fundamental. Consider these three common health issues.

Difficulty in Conceiving

Becoming pregnant without planning to seems quite easy. Becoming pregnant on purpose can, strangely, be elusive. There are diet, exercise, and supplemental options which can help. You may want to find an OB/GYN; you’ll likely need such professionalism during the pregnancy, and they can advise you whether there are any issues you should be aware of.

Sometimes unexpected or unknown health conditions could make conception difficult, in other scenarios, it’s hard to pin down what the issue is. Either way, if you’re thinking about having a child, you might want to have yourself examined to see if there’s anything you should know.

Issues With Lactation

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast, and it’s fairly common. Sore breasts are also common, as are breastmilk expression issues. Many mothers use lanolin to soothe sore paps; though over time, your nipples will toughen. Still, it can be quite uncomfortable. Sometimes, you can’t express and it’s hard to figure out why.

You may be experiencing symptoms of a clogged milk duct. Follow the link for more information on what to look for, and how that—as well as several other lactation issues—may be treated.

Depression or Anxiety During Pregnancy

Life has its ups and its downs with or without a life-changing event like pregnancy. So when you add pregnancy to the mix, even if you’re in fairly good shape psychologically, you may experience some “turbulence”, if you will. Hormones wreak havoc on emotions, and pregnancy involves many hormonal shifts. These can lead to anxiety or depression.

Knowing a trusted mental health expert is good, but something that is also very important is having a strong family unit in whom you can rely; or at minimum some sort of support network. Ideally your spouse will be there for you, of course. Even so, it’s not a bad idea to know a parental support group you can lean on as well.

Finding the Experts You Need Through the Journey

Before pregnancy, conception issues can be common. During pregnancy, mental health fluctuation is likely. After pregnancy, lactation difficulties are experienced by many women. These are all manageable things, though you want to be prepared to encounter them. Securing trusted medical assistance in advance is a good move.

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