800 Chickens Pass Away in India, Bird Flu Official

800 Chickens Pass Away in India, Bird Flu Official

In the village of Mormba in the Indian state of Maharashtra, 800 chickens have passed away. The factor of death of the chickens is said to be bird flu.

According to Indian media exclusive, the import and export of chickens have been prohibited in a 10 km hearth of Mormba village in Maharashtra state.

Bird flu eruption has been official in the Indian states of Kerala, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, MP, HP, and UP. Bird flu has also been official in crows and ducks equipped dead in parks.

Indian media say bird flu has been equipped in ducks and crows at Sanjay Lake in New Delhi, after which the New Delhi government has closed the chicken market in Ghazipur for ten days.

The zoological garden in Kanpur was closed due to the declaration of bird flu. Bird flu was official in the wells equipped dead in Kanpur zoological garden.

The price of chickens in India has plonk down by 50% due to the straggle of bird flu.

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