7 Ways you can Hire the Right People for your New Job Openings

7 Ways you can Hire the Right People for your New Job Openings

When you’re hiring people, there are a lot of factors you need to consider. These go well beyond simple experience and salary expectations. You need to find the right fit for your company, with the right set of skills and attitude.

This isn’t possible with simple resume screening and a regular interview. You need to go beyond these to hire the right people for your job openings. This will help your company find the best people possible to take it to the next level. Here are a few tips to help you find these people for your job vacancies.

Put up attractive job posters

First of all, you need to advertise your job openings properly. Use platforms like LinkedIn to share these vacancies, and make sure your posts have the basic relevant details. These include a brief job description, location, and contact details. Design job posters on PosterMyWall to create these, and share them across your online platforms.

You can also print a few out and put them up on notice boards or other public places in your area. These posters should also reflect the type of company you are, so choose the design elements and color schemes accordingly.

Make the job descriptions clear

This is the most important thing in a job post. You need to write a clear job description, with the key responsibilities expected. This will help you get relevant candidates. It will narrow down applicants, and you can filter the rest by going over their job applications.

It is also ideal to include a salary range on these job descriptions, so that expectations are clear on both sides. State whether the job is on-site, remote, or hybrid, the nature of the shift, and the key responsibilities. Also add what department or role the applicant will be reporting to, so that no one applies for a job they’re not really interested in.

Assess candidates according to company culture

Even if you get the best qualifications in a candidate, you need to assess how they’ll fit in with your team. Take a look at your company culture, and assess how well they’ll work within it. If you have a casual and friendly environment, someone who is very geared towards rigid discipline might not work well.

Conversely, if your office is more formal, then someone who is used to laid-back company culture will feel stifled. This sort of thing really affects the candidate’s performance and can add friction in your team. So, this is one major factor you should look into.

Include relevant skill and personality tests

Tests are a great way to quantify how good a candidate is. Both skill and personality tests can help you find the right people. They are also a great screening process before calling candidates in for interviews. Create a test based on the skills needed for the positions.

For example, marketers can get a marketing knowledge test, while programmers will have tests related to logic and computing. Many services offer these tests, but you can create your own as well. You also need to find out a candidate;s attitude towards work and problem-solving. In that case, you should add personality tests to your hiring process repertoire.

Structure your interview process

Simple interviews with a few random questions are not that useful. They also prevent structure and cohesiveness in your hiring process. Add this structure through a set of questions with metrics assigned to them according to the given answers. Do your research thoroughly and see how people usually answer certain questions.

Of course, you don’t have to ask all the questions in your list, but a healthy mix of structured and unstructured questions is needed. Also assign metrics to the way candidates answer these questions, as confidence and people skills might be things you’re looking for.

Do not focus on irrelevant past experiences

Many recruiters make this mistake. They tend to focus on the resume rather than the candidate. Past experiences might not be reflective of how someone will work for your company. There’s a reason they left those companies and want to work for you. Of course, problematic patterns might be a bad sign, but do not hyperfocus on older experiences.

Focus on how the candidate’s skills and attitude fit in with your workplace. See whether they have the skillset to fulfill their responsibilities and the motivation to help make your company grow. Ask them about how they will contribute to your organization, and make your decisions accordingly.

Vet candidates through multiple teams

Speaking of the right fit, it is important to take your existing team into confidence. When you’re hiring candidates, you should assess what teams they will be working with. Then, have them be part of the hiring process. They can either be part of the interviews or can add to your tests.

Hiring should not be done unilaterally by HR teams. Instead, the relevant departments should have the final say. This will ensure things run smoothly in the future, and that the company runs in a cohesive, well-oiled way.

To sum up, hiring is not a simple process of going over resumes and taking an interview. There are many things to consider when you want the best people for your job positions. However, when you do your due diligence, the results are well worth it.

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