7 Best Places to visit Calgar


Canada is a lot of things. It’s British Columbia’s rugged wilderness; Saskatchewan’s endless fields of sunburned wheat; the rich traditions Calgar of the Arctic north; Nova Scotia and Newfoundland’s quirky communities; and, of course, a diverse range of multicultural city centers, each with its own sense of identity. But Calgary is one of those Canadian cities that offers visitors experiences they won’t find anywhere else.

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1 Ice Field Tour 

With Calgary being such a short drive to some of the world’s oldest rocks and most impressive glaciers, make the most of your trip by getting out of town and taking a trip along the continental divide. This glacier advanced around the same time that modern man first appeared in the archaeological record! Another interesting fact? Every year, the Columbia Ice Field receives 7 meters of snow!

2 Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo has not only joined the ranks of respected Canadian zoos, but it is also at the forefront of successful breeding programs, animal diversity, research dollars, and educational programs. The Calgary Zoo will whisk you away to the heart of Africa, complete with Hippos, Mountain Gorillas, Giraffes, and whatever else you might find on the Serengeti. Come explore Canada’s wilderness while watching playful grizzlies and mischievous mountain goats.

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3 The Calgary Tower

Every major Canadian city has an impressive way to get a bird’s eye view of everything going on, and Calgary is no exception. One of the best ways to get your bearings in any city is to get above it all, and the Calgary Tower, 1228 meters above sea level, provides a 360-degree view of the city. The 62-second journey from the bottom will take you to the first observation deck, where you and 249 of your closest friends can enjoy panoramic views. After your breath has, head to the second observation deck for a cocktail, some appetizers, and the best view in town.

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4  Banff

A trip to Calgary would be incomplete without a stop at Banff National Park. Even if you landed in Toronto, thousands of miles away, a trip to this part of the world would be well worth it, but you only have an hour and a half! Banff is the gateway to the Rockies, an unfathomable 6,641 km2 of pristine, rugged wilderness. Banff National Park was in 1885 and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5 Big Rock Brewery

Craft brews are the world’s fastest-growing sector of the liquor industry, and Calgary anticipated the trend from the start. Ed, a barley farmer and visionary, represented a small group of barley growers who wanted to do more with their crops than feed cattle in 1985. Ed founded Big Rock, Alberta’s first craft brewery, and grew it to a 54-million-dollar enterprise. Trip Advisor now ranks the Big Rock Brewery Tour as one of the top things to do in Calgary.

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6 Prince Island Park

Canadians adore their cities, especially when they are green. No Canadian city is complete without a significant urban park, and Calgary is no exception. Sometimes you need a day to lay down a blanket, eat some food, and experience a city from the perspective of a local. Prince Island Park is not only a beautiful place to enjoy city views, but it also hosts many festivals and has a seasonal outdoor skating rink.

7 Horseback Riding Tour

When in Rome, as the saying goes! Alberta is cattle and ranch country, and all Calgarians are at heart cowboys and cowgirls. Why not spend the day feeling like a real cowboy or cowgirl by going on a horseback riding tour? There are many businesses within a short drive of the city, and with the Rocky Mountains to the east and west and nothing but rolling hills in front of You won’t find a bad seat anywhere in the house.

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