5 Things to Consider Before You Build a Tree House

5 Things to Consider Before You Build a Tree House

Building a treehouse in your yard is a classic and iconic pastime going back centuries. Before you decide to build one in your own yard there are several matters to be considered.

Take into consideration space, cost, and the legalities involved when planning to build a treehouse.

Space: The Area Required to Build a Treehouse

When thinking about how to build a sturdy treehouse, you have to first decide where you want it to go. You’ll need a strong enough tree to help support the weight of the construction.

Have a firm foundation below the tree that is cleared of debris. The area around your chosen tree will have to be wide enough to haul your construction materials into as well as the space needed to assemble them.

If you need to clear debris from dead or fallen trees, you can contact this tree removal company.

Your space should be level and not on a steep slope to ensure safety.

Avoid a space where construction would be disturbing any existing animal habitats as well.

Make sure your treehouse is in an area with enough privacy and personal space as well. Be aware of any neighbors you may be crowding with a treehouse if building in your backyard.

Cost: What to Expect When Building a Treehouse

Start by drawing out a basic blueprint of your construction plan. Whether you want to build a small and cheap treehouse or build a stately, sturdy treehouse, you should have an accurate expectation of cost before you begin.

Costs involved will include:

  • Lumber for walls, roofing, and supports
  • Hardware and tools
  • Paint or wood finish
  • Weather coating and sealant
  • Materials for a ladder
  • Any decor or accessorizing for the interior or exterior of the treehouse

Decide first whether your treehouse will be supported by existing branches of the tree or whether you will need stilts to support it from the ground below. Measure out your space for sizing and dimensions to estimate how much lumber will be needed and what that cost will be.

Don’t forget to coat and seal any wood used in the construction of your treehouse to prevent it from weathering and getting damaged.

Legalities: Laws to Be Aware Of When Building a Treehouse

In most cases, you will not require a permit for the construction of your treehouse. Treehouses are often small enough that when built on your personal property, they do not require any permits. However, it’s wise to check the building permit requirements in your area before constructing your treehouse.

Generally, your treehouse should be less than 100 square feet and less than 25 feet above the ground.

If you have neighbors, we aware of their proximity to your yard and the potential airspace your treehouse will take up. If you are a part of an HOA, you should research first if there are any regulations you will need to follow before planning to build your treehouse.

It’s wise to make sure first that there are no local area laws or neighborhood regulations against constructing a treehouse. Only build within the legalities of your township.

Plan Before You Build a Tree House

Building a treehouse can be a great benefit to you and your family in providing a fun project and place for kids to play.

Make the most of your treehouse project by ensuring you’ve chosen the right space, estimated the incurred costs, and planned within the mandates of your area.

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