1400 Smith Street: A Prominent Skyscraper in Houston’s Central Business District

1400 Smith Street: A Prominent Skyscraper in Houston’s Central Business District

1400 Smith Street, formerly known as Four Allen Center, is a prominent skyscraper located in downtown Houston, Texas. Standing at a height of 691 feet, it is the 11th tallest building in the city and serves as the headquarters of Chevron Corporation. Designed by architectural firm Lloyd Jones Brewer and Associates, the building was completed in 1983. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of 1400 Smith Street, exploring its architectural features, historical significance, ownership, and its role in Houston’s central business district.

Architectural Features

1400 Smith Street boasts a sleek and modern design that has become a distinctive landmark on Houston’s skyline. With 50 floors, the skyscraper offers over one million square feet of office space. Its futuristic appearance is complemented by energy-efficient features, making it an environmentally conscious structure. The building’s design reflects the architectural trends of the 1980s, characterized by a combination of glass and steel elements that create a visually striking facade.

The interior of 1400 Smith Street is equally impressive. The spacious lobby welcomes visitors with its elegant design and high-quality finishes. The building provides state-of-the-art amenities, including conference rooms, fitness centers, and dining options, catering to the needs of its occupants. The efficient floor plans ensure optimal utilization of space, allowing for flexible office layouts and maximizing productivity.

Historical Significance

1400 Smith Street holds historical significance as it was once the headquarters of Enron, one of the most notorious energy companies in American history. Enron’s rise and fall marked a significant chapter in corporate scandal and financial misconduct. Following Enron’s bankruptcy in 2001, the building was auctioned off in 2003 to a group led by a local doctor. This transition marked a new era for 1400 Smith Street, as it became a symbol of resilience and adaptability.

Ownership and Role in the Central Business District

Currently owned by Chevron Corporation and leased by Brookfield Properties, 1400 Smith Street plays a vital role in Houston’s central business district. Its prime location near Market Square Park and the food hall makes it an attractive destination for businesses seeking a prestigious address. The building’s proximity to other corporate headquarters, financial institutions, and cultural attractions further enhances its appeal.

As the largest office tower in the central business district, 1400 Smith Street accommodates numerous businesses, contributing to the economic growth of the area. Its presence not only provides employment opportunities but also fosters a vibrant business community. The skyscraper’s impressive stature and architectural significance contribute to the overall character of Houston’s skyline.


1400 Smith Street stands tall as a prominent skyscraper in Houston’s central business district. With its sleek design, energy-efficient features, and state-of-the-art amenities, it offers a desirable workspace for businesses. The building’s historical significance as the former headquarters of Enron adds to its allure. As the 11th tallest building in Houston, 1400 Smith Street is not only a symbol of architectural excellence but also plays a crucial role in shaping the city’s skyline and economic landscape.


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