What To Look For In a Small Business Workers Comp Insurance Company

What To Look For In a Small Business Workers Comp Insurance Company

Employees are valuable for any small business, and getting workers’ comp insurance ensures they are well cared for in case of work-related injuries or illnesses. The employer is also protected from expensive lawsuits that eat into your small business’s finances.

Many insurance companies like Cerity offer workers’ comp coverage, and choosing the best within one’s budget and maximum benefits for the employer and employees is crucial for a small business. Below are some key things to look for in a company that offers workers’ comp insurance.

Customer Service

An insurance company should be accessible whenever you have concerns or questions about premium payments, claims, etc. Companies such as Cerity have digitized their services through their online portals with self-service options and live chat features; this way, one doesn’t have to visit their physical offices to have issues addressed. 

Additionally, an insurance carrier should have a telephone line with customer care personnel ready to receive calls. Although the customer care professionals are often the first point of contact, when a company has other teams like claims, underwriting, premium consultants, and personnel from the risk and safety department, they should be accessible to an employer.

Expertise in Workers’ Comp Insurance

Insurance companies like Cerity specialize in workers’ comp coverage for small businesses. This saves small businesses money as the experts fully understand the work comp laws and are equipped to help an employer avoid lawsuits and costs that may arise from work-related incidents while also looking at the safety of the employees. Companies specializing in workers comp insurance give the best value for premiums paid, are very keen on claims filed, and can spot fraud cases.

Support for Claims and Resources

When shopping for a company that offers workers’ comp coverage, go for one whose intent is to have successful claims and not that which avoids paying claims. Make inquiries on what measures the coverage carrier has put in place to ensure that injured or sick employees get medical within the shortest time possible.

An insurance provider should also have resources to help plan an employee’s return to work. When well-managed claim costs, they positively impact a business’ e-mod and reduce the premiums.

Support on Safety Resources

A small business needs a workers’ comp insurance company with the same goal of keeping the work environment and the employees safe. Insurance carriers like Cerity have updated safety resources available to non-policy and policyholders.

Some companies have safety consultants or in-field safety personnel whom one can talk to, organize a visit to business premises, and get personalized and detailed insight on the safety of employees while at work. In cases where an employer lacks a proper safety program, the coverage carrier they choose should be equipped to guide and help in developing one.


The details of workers’ comp insurance are often similar from one company to another. Therefore, looking for a company that offers more than a policy is vital. Before settling for a particular insurance carrier, focus on aspects like how accessible their customer care services are, level of expertise, and, should one get a claim filed, how the insurance company handles both the employer and employee. 

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