What Is the Best Tattoo Ink?

What Is the Best Tattoo Ink?

What Is the Best Tattoo Ink?

One glance at the different types of tattoo inks that are available, and it is clear that you have a lot of choices.  So many choices, in fact, that it can be complicated to choose the best ink within your style specialty. Whether you create tribal tattoos, watercolor tattoos, realistic tattoos, or something else, here is a look at the best tattoo ink brand for you:

StarBrite Colors Tattoo Ink – For Vivid Colors that Last

StarBrite Colors tattoo inks are one of the most popular inks available and you simply can’t go wrong with them no matter what style tattoo you are creating. The colors are pigment based, which makes them incredibly vivid and gives them true staying power. StarBrite Colors tattoo ink is also known for healing well because of the process it goes through to kill any microorganisms during the manufacturing process. Available in a wide array of colors, you can’t go wrong with this ink option.

Eternal Tattoo Ink – For Extreme Variety and Trendy Colors

If you work on tattoo styles that require more unique ink colors, then you may want to consider Eternal Ink. They are suitable for vegans and come in a wide variety of tattoo ink colors—some that can’t be found by any other professional ink brands. Eternal tattoo ink is always staying on top of the latest tattoo trends and carry everything from white ink and flesh colors, to vivid neon and pastels.

Mom’s Tattoo Ink – For Consistent Flow Rate and UV Colors

Millennium Mom’s tattoo ink, often just called Mom’s, provides a rich line of color inks that are known for their consistent flow rate, helping the finished tattoo look amazing. However, the reason Mom’s tattoo ink really sticks out as the best tattoo ink to use is because of its line of UV tattoo ink that glows under black light.

Intenze Tattoo Ink – For Vast Color Options and Easy-to-Use Ink

Lastly, Intenze tattoo ink is the leader when it comes to color options in the industry. It also makes it easy to get a consistent flow while working, helping you to create flawless tattoos. They also put a large focus on safety to make sure all the ink you use is sterile.

All of the tattoo ink brands you will find at Tommy’s Supplies are incredible quality and sure to make the tattoos you create look amazing. To learn more, contact us now

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